As much as it hurts and is killing me inside to say...
yes they do...
Your silence is speaking volumes... *tears*
You disappeared without a word, without a trace or a care. I am worried something happened to you, there hasn't really been a day since we first met that we haven't contacted eachother... shared in some way, shape, or form.

I thought you would have communicated one way or another with me by now, if not here, by e-mail, IM, FT, etc... somehow found a way...even if to say that you needed to be alone or time to think, that you had to go away for whatever reason...anything.  It would have hurt but I would have understood.
I sit here typing this...crying my eyes out because the tears just won't stop steaming down my cheeks...and my heart won't stop hurting.
I can't stop thinking about you, wondering if you're okay... what happened...and if I'll ever hear from you again. 
Was I a idiot...?  What I thought we shared and felt...I guess wasn't real, that our friendship didn't mean the same to you that it did to me. Were they just empty words?
My love grew for you and I let you in, let you see parts of me that I don't share with many or any for that matter. I opened my heart and showed...shared so many things with you.  Let you see the true me.  
You had and still have me feeling things I haven't felt in such a long time...
My heart right now is breaking...and yes, I miss you... terribly.., all of you.   Miss your smile sweetie and the way you always made me laugh.   

But, I can't let you see me cry.....


InnerBeauti InnerBeauti
1 Response Aug 23, 2014

Did you ever meet him in person?

As close to in person as one could, without being physically face to face.

I get that. So maybe he wasn't real? Real, as in, he wasn't who he said he was. Maybe he is really married? Or maybe he's 60 years old and lives in a van down by the river? Who knows? Sucks that it apparently seems that you were played by a poser. :(

I know he's who he said he was where it comes to himself, age, and house...we communicated through FT, every which way but in person.
It's not that, I don't feel played, it's just dealing with the pain of not knowing and hoping he is okay.