I really want to say this to my dad, but he'll probably scold me. Everytime he does something like get us a take-out meal or simply go grocery shopping he's ask me "do you see how much i love you?" and points to the things he bought. He thinks he can buy love. Other than actually spending money he keeps ranting on how I should be a doctor just like him and mum and he practically insults every other job. I want to be a scientist because I actually love science, its a job I can live with. I wont be surprised if he disowned me if i dont become a doctor. I want him to love me for me and say horrible dad jobs and just chill out, hes so serious and hes always shouting.
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I used to went through the same experience like you. But I always made my father to understand everything what I want or something he didn't understand. Sometime if what he advised made a sense, I'll obediently follow. As long you have your own principle and know what you wanted to do, no one can stop you. Well at least it's work on me because I know what to do and know how to handle situation.

My parents are the same way, only every job I have that makes me more than 95% of people my own age in the country... It isn't good enough. It never is and won't ever be good enough for them. They want me to do jobs I don't have any interest it.

My dad is a person like that always has to put you down to make himself feel better. I guess it's a way for him to numb his pain. Either way it's bad. He can never be wrong and he forgets what it was like to be young. Live your life and move out as soon as you can.

Thats exactly whats he's like, he puts people down to feel better about himself, thanks for the advise (:

Trust me I grew up with that my whole life. Even tho it made me a tough person it still messed me up emotionally :/ I hope you do better than me