Hold-on here!

I stand corrected! I am living and learning that this quote, these words are not always true!!!!

I have met many souls that "act" as if this or that is true. The icing on the cake is when their words say the same.

Ever hear of Cons!?... Not just in a scam of wealth or business, but also, matters of the heart as well. It's a game. They hang out great bait, you grab ahold and... wow!... They catch and release. So sad.

Point is.... Mean people suck! They can give a good song and dance but it is only for entertainment.

It's their sin, not mine.
I will remain as I am.

My actions speak louder than any words can express. Sometimes, you have to just show someone how you feel. Sometimes, words are just not enough.
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1 Response Sep 2, 2014

Oh, wow. Your truthful words hit so deeply right now that you couldn't even imagine. Words without heartfelt backing are simply just letters arranged to create sentences- sentences that glide oh so smoothly out of one's mouth- creating promises, thoughts, ideas, and feelings of friendship, love, connection, and importance, in the mind and heart of the person's ear they went into.

In a strong friendship, when words are reduced to letter forming sentences without thoughtful actions to support their meaning, they may eventually become heartache, pain, dejection, or even insecurity within the one who received them.

Those hurtful empty words are being fed to me from one of my closest best friends right now. It happened so suddenly, almost night and day. The strong bond and wonderfully close friendship we once shared has become one sided, divided, and lost. When we used to talk a few times every day and share everything, now it seems as if I'm bothering her when I call or text, let alone even get a response back; plans get made only to be broken last minute or forgotten on her side; and it's leaving me feeling ignored, forgotten, confused, hurt, and unloved.

But at the end of the day I always go to bed knowing that my actions outshine my words. Every relationship and friend I treasure, has been shown and not just told, how much they truly mean to me. Because I would never want my words to be decreased to mere letters arranged into meaningless sentences, nor cause someone to hurt, as my heart does now.

Thank you. Sad words but beautiful meaning! I relate!