Oldermen have become like an obsession w/ me. Though it's not as if I wouldn't give one that is younger the time of day, but gosh sometimes I can be sitting with my legs cross from arousal at a lecture (class) just b/c the professor shows this wisdom and experience that I know I wouldn't find in others. I especially love when older men hit on me or check me out, but I'd love even more for one to take charge, and be in control. Just a thought. <3
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As an older guy I think we are more than happy too flirt with younger women.
I find, for myself, the thrill of the chase can be more exciting than the actual catch.
As for the control part?
Yes I can see why that would be arousing

My response to this is that age doesn't matter to me either (over 18 though). It's the mind and the energy. The kind that both makes you cross your legs and wish you had the opportunity to open them

Hmmmmmm.....So. did I tell you about the time I hitch hiked from Boston to Bethel, NY to take part in the Woodstock Art and Music Festival or the time I hitch hiked across Canada and the USA ending up In California, Yep, i really gained a lot of wisdom and experience in my life. Sometimes when i'm thinking that I'm a wise man, I remember that I'm really just a wiseguy...oh well, that's almost the same thing :)))

Hi Lolita, love that story!!! I am an older guy who just flips out totally over girls like you. Such a great attitude you have! I'd love to connect- add each other, let's chat/get acquainted? Thanks, That'd be great.

It is wojderful when arousal works both ways right?...


I would love to take charge of you babygirl !!!!

Hi , my name is David what is yours ?????

Sometimes an Older man can compliment a younger bf. One needn't exclude the other.

i teach many things. you sound very interesting. would you add me?

yes when i was youra age i had same experience my math teacher was soo sexy