Blowing Thirty Candles Dont Instantly Make U Another Person.

Like in the title i used to expect my twenties to get over the pain and sadness i would always blame on teens. Today i am nineteen turning twenty on june and i gotta say, theres nothing changed im me. In fact everything i was turns more and more bigger until i cant control it. In school i was the only one to think ahead like a grownup. What i want to say is that, the age is irelevant with the growth of your chararter. Its not aging but its the situations and the expiriences u gain that make u who u become. So i hate it when they try to explain it all on "passing phase" of age. Society just makes us fake our growing up, coz in real we may be as childish and dumb as when we were eight.
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

You are right about that. Some of my very young friends are like "old souls." They may lack life experience, but they have a certain wisdom...a maturity...that defies their age in years. Dismiss platitudes for what they are...people just don't know how else to respond, so they think it helps you to just say what we have all heard before. They mean well, and it's the only way they know how to respond, but it does get a bit tedious to keep hearing these things. Good luck to you.

Yea indeed.Thanx for the luck a lot.

Age does not define your maturity, this is very true! What age does define is what people will expect from you and your behavior at a certain age.

Thats true thats what i wanna say. Aaah, when someone sums up in one sentense what u need ten paragraphs for. :-)

It only happens when the stars are lined up for me.LOL