Cousin Jenny

Jenny was actually my step-cousin, though I knew better than to comment on it.  She was also my elder by two years.  I always felt like the elder.

It's funny, in a sad sort of way.  I'm the one with chronic psych issues and learning disabilities...and "perfect" Jenny always seemed so immature to me.

She lived with our Gram, who I only saw once or twice a year.  Gram didn't understand me.  Maybe it's because Jenny was (by that time) the only child Gram really interacted with.  She expected me to be like Jenny.

I would rather have eaten glass.

Age means nothing of importance.  It is how many times this planet has circled it's star since a person was born.  It's a chronological measure.  It has nothing to do with maturity or wisdom. 

Jenny may have walked this earth longer than me, but I'm still the elder.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I agree feel the same way about many of my cousins. Ivalso belive when you have a disability or problem you have to grow up fadter than others

That's true. In most cases, I appreciate it...but it does mean that I have *no* common ground with Jenny at all!

Wow i guess i should not type when tired