I'm A Perfect Example.

I know I can be funny but there is a diffference between being funny and needing to grow up. My brother was already in his late 20's and he was still acting childish over foolih things. He would get upset if I enjoyed the same games he did. I'm a hardcore gamer and enjoy a varity of them. He even told me that I should only like rpgs?!?!?! I was in my late teens at this time and dealing with taking care of our parents while they were terminally ill. When they got worse he did stop with some of his childish ways. I now meet people who are not even in thier teens and still make poor choices. So I really believe that age doesn't define maturity. I would never would think you are immature because of your age. I will think you are immature because of the way you act. I know that I said some statements here about teens. However not all teens are immature. I have met some really impressive teens that have grown up real fast.
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I totally agreed with both of you and want to add that to me growing up really means learning from your mistakes and doing your best not to repeat them over and over again.

I agree i know for us we were more adult then ikds as we grew up we worked full time school full time and we enjyed what we did at age 13 we managed 3 gas station in 1961 thought 1965 when i joined the navy<br />
our boss said he would ratheer have us kids working for him then adults as we never stole from him we married at 13 but we could not have kids so it was great for us we relly were adults