Doubt It .

Age defines Maturity ...
Doubt It .
With age comes wisdom , of course . People who are older than you have obviously lived longer , and have potentially done things you haven't. This doesn't mean that they are more mature than you, or are better than you. This just means they've done more.
Maturity is the way that people are able to respond and cope with situations that have come upon them as level headed and sanely as possible . In my opinion anyways.
There are plenty of 'older' and more 'mature' people that can hardly make a decision by themselves ... let alone deal with it themself . Now, I'm not saying all older people are immature or incapable of making their own life decisions , and all young people are ... but there is a chance that just because your older than someone ... doesn't automatically make you more mature .
Age gives you wisdom. The choices you make, and the actions you take defines how mature you are .
- if any of that makes sense ... xoxo.
dooitnow dooitnow
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Wise young lady.

Thank you. Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks this way :)

I agree with that