Nope because at 51, I act more like 25, don't feel like it within this broke body..
but my mind...yea I still laugh, make others smile...
so yea responsibility not an age thing, maturity nope had to grow up fast and hard, now time to go backwards..
What y'all think?? any old one want to join me and just flip flop??? hehehe
mommaceitta mommaceitta
51-55, F
5 Responses Aug 16, 2014

U go girl! 👍

I am in my fifties but dont feel like it,walk miles every day with the dogs,skinny dip and also flirt with the girls and have been told i dress younger than i am....I could not care less what folks think of me.....I am happy being ME....

I am 14, but ever since I was 11 I felt like an intellectual 20 year-old. That's what I've been acting like ever since, and I'm happy. Also I skipped a grade.

Yes! I know how you feel ! Just had a bday 52 but feel 32! And by the grace of God and a particularly sad breakup I have lost 30 lbs so I am doing things now I have always wanted to. Love it but praying for my ex fiancé to return to me

Sounds fun