Honestly. It doesn't. The 13-15 year olds seem to be more mature then some of the adults on ep, some people need to act their age.
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That's true. 13-15 year olds will put things saying how the wolf actually is now a days and then 50 years old write crap about sex. Like bro. Stop.

U said it

How can you gauge a standardized growth curve for everyone? You mature exponentially in your teens, almost to the point that you never understood what justified your behavior.

Now I wonder what is acceptable for a certain age group. Everyone is different and trying to draw a line of best fit is practically impossible. You would need to do a line based off of the average of a bell curve but then expand on it as a deviation. Some people take a traumatic incidence to grow up, and some just need natural development.

Regardless, speaking from a standpoint, many say I should be a lot older because of my approach towards subjects. I had a lot of undue pressure and trauma. I'm always pushed to the unhealthy brink due to past shortcomings.

For the most part, age is merely a number, you may assume average, but until you interact with the person, one never really knows.

if i do act my age, i'll die, lol

I was very skeptical to talk to a teenage girl on here, but I found the same thing. The teenage girl was actually really helpful and I'm really happy I talked to her.

I believe that defines a level of maturity because with age comes experience and wisdom. People may not be inclined to act their age, but I've seen some immature older men act wise and logical when the situation called for it. I believe different people are mature when it comes to different aspects of life because of their experiences with them. My ex is 28 and acts like unrealistic teen by jumping from one guy to the next when he doesn't have his life together and believing that he's into them, but that may be because he hasn't had enough experience in relationships and love as he is mature in other aspects. Me, I find myself mature and immature in some aspects too. I still act like a kid at times t enjoy life, there are times when I do some childish things. But other things I take seriously like finances and education.

Just saying, I made this post.

I totally agree with you. Sometimes I see someone write something very deep or meaningful on here to see that their age range is only 13-15. And some of them are nicer and more understanding than the older folk.
Now you know what's immature? When the older people, usually in their 40s or 50s on EP, complain and whine about us minors joining this website and insist it's for 18 years and older. And I've seen some of them whine that even 18 year olds are too young. Now that's immature.
Us minors don't even complain about older people being on here, even though a small or medium percentage of them does cause some of us harm, example, sending sexually explicit messages to people our age (13-17).

Well put :).

Not really, lol.

To an extent, I disagree with the whole "act your age" thing. Why? Why do I need to act like many other people in my age group? It doesn't really help anybody out. But if you're saying we should be considerate to one another at this point, I agree entirely. Maybe that's just me being really anal about it though. In any case, I've not had anyone tell me I need to be more mature on the web, so I think I'm good.

Why do you disagree? "Act you're age" what I meant by that to clarify mate, was that as you get older suppose to be more mature, not act more childish then the youngest people on EP in the 13-15 age category. For me its pitiful adults being complete immature fools and setting a bad example for others -_-

The act of being childish is not exactly a crime though, for the most part.

For instance,

A 40 year old liking Pokemon? Very childish, but by no means bad. It's what he likes.

A 40 year old cutting in line at a restaurant and fighting with other people about it? That's pretty bad.

'Childish' encompasses a rather wide variety of traits, only some of which are negative.

Lol pokemon? I meant immature and childish behavioir like resorting to sexual harssassment and attacking someone. And yes depends on the trait. But I mean childish in the way I just said.

okay yeah. I certainly agree with you on that one.

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Age doesn't necessary, but experience does more often than not.

And, with age often comes experience.

Not in some cases

Nothing is always true and everything is sometimes wrong.

In other words: There are of course exceptions, but experiences are what shape people in general--for better or worse. Thus, I think we agree that it's not age, but other things, that define maturity...


Yeah, depends on alot of other things aswell.

Dude - 50 cent shooters at 4pm!

Absolutely. You are correct on all points. Very insightful of you.

Thank you.

I sense sarcasm but I've been wrong before.


No sarcasm on my part. I agree wholeheartedly that there are many teens on here that conduct themselves in a much higher level of maturity than many 20's young adults. There are a few (as my high school coach use to say) that have not seen the ball since kickoff. They simply don't have a clue. So sad really, but very true.

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Isnt this a contradictory statement what you just made? I understand what your saying and i agree that a lot of younger people act more mature but if age doesn't define your maturity, then how can you act your age?

Age doesn't define is a opinion, I put it under that category. People SHOULD mature as they get older. Thats what I meany by "act you're age" if you didn't understand.

I agree with this completely. Age doesn't matter, maturity is what counts.

Mhm. Well put

true story

There actually is no such thing as maturity,it's just humans trying to put some sort of definition and name on things they see as only to be acted on at a certain time, but the term itself is sort of insult to those that are not adult in age , in truth there is only how to act right and how to act wrongly,that truth is irrelevant of age and the sooner one accepts that the sooner one acts better.

Everyone has a different perspective on whag is right and wrong in there eyes aswell.

I speak of morality , and morality is the same no matter what one thinks is right and wrong in them self.

Well, sometimes it depends. What if you have a negative morale to everything?

Then your a negative person(which most people actually are anyway).

Well, again people do have different perspective on whats right wrong which shapes this morale, but yes I agree with you.

(I'm just going out on something here) but you seem like one who is tired of those around you and how they are always trying to set false standards which they never meet ,making them hypocrites ,and leaving you to wonder why , which leaves you actually taking in some of what they say , which you don't know , but if you where to think of it you would.(just saying I normally get this stuff in my head).

Eh, more or less I suppose.

That's what happened to me. But it doesn't dhange the fact that morality is based off of perception.

There's not even that. Those are caleld morals which are based off of people's perception. What person sees as right, somebody may see it as a wrong. We see this is criminal activity and the law. The same goes for other things. Like food for example. Somebody may think that pizza is there favorite food but another person sees pizza as not their favorite food.

Hi. Its jake, how u been.

Oh it is? What happened to your other profile.




Things like pizza are not on a level of morality that is just preference , true morality , good , evil exist and are errelavent of someone's perceptions , these are things that exist outside the minds of humans , and are on their own ,needing no one to determine them and existing without anyone , it does not matter what one says on what he thinks, that's what he thinks but there is what one thinks and what is true .

Prove to me that these "things" exist.

Prove to you what exists , good ,evil , is that what your asking , if you do not see it with what you see in you own life ,then what do you call the care you have for your friends or the murder of an innocent,is that not good and evil , or what do you call that , but I guess you just think their just actions done , but if their just actions done ,then that means your allowing yourself to live in your own self delusion when you even think of what is right and wrong and if that's so , if there is no such thing as good and evil , then why do you bother doing any.

Those are called emotions. Things that you naturally feel for people who are close to you. Those don't necessarily equal up to good or bad.

So if someone comes and shoots you for no reason or even for a reason is not evil, or is it just the emotions the person feels , and I do not mean that what you feel is good , I mean in essence it is good as in part of the force goodness.


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youre not english are you????????????? it means i totally agree with you

Lol I am. But, just first time someone used hear hear to agree lmao.

hahahahaha ok :)


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It's because the young want to be older, and the old want to be younger. Growing up sucks.

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I agree I'm 13 myself but most of the other people in my group seem the have more manners, and be more mature