God... Are all the older guys on here so Pervy?
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Unfortunately a lot of them are, it wasn't always this way and hopefully won't always stay this way, the best thing you can do to stop them is report and block, and if they do something really bad to put their names on a post to warn others.

That's like asking why the earth is round. It is what it is. It's been that way for a long time, and it won't change for even longer.

A lot of people are (and it's not just the guys), but if your careful with your information you should be ok; talk to someone long enough to feel you trust them before giving out loads of information, make sure your comfortable if someone is Pervy, block them, report them and name-and-shame them in the "I'm new to ep" experience so that others know to avoid. I hope you manage to avoid the perves and enjoy the ep. :)

yes. older guys here are so pervy

So true!! I have an uncle (not blood related) who is turning 30 and god does he act like a teenager !! In a funny way ;) aha i love him we are good friends ;) He is such a child! ;) Hes great fun... but yea i know people who are my age and they are really mature and have a mind of an adult.... I have lot of examples to prove your point...


Not all of them.

I agree.Age is only a number .

i prefer not to be pervy but i can yet i really don't see much benefits from being pervy.

no, certainly not. most should comprehend what jailbait is. as should you. you should report anything you feel goes beyond harmless titillation...or not read it at all....

No, they probably just want to make you uncomfortable. I can't imagine a lot of men willing to sacrifice their lives to have sex with a teenager.

I'm old and not a pervy. I'm still married to the same women I met when I was 19. Yeah. I still look but I don't touch. That doesn't seem to get much cred around here. Marriage is,for me hard work that involves a lot of mutual willingness to change. Most of all it requires from me and hopefully my wife as much self-honesty as we're capable of on a given issue. Marriage also has much pain in it. Whever there is love there will,I believe be pain. Marriage has joy I never knew existed. Holding my daughter in my arms after her birth and realizing she saw past all my garbage and still loved me at a time when I was extremely unlovable(drugs and alcohol). Marriage is being with my wife 21 years later as that little girl graduates college and goes on for her Masters. Marriage is seeing all this sober with the shared knowledge that miracles take many forms other than the religious kind. Marriage is the realization that though I might think I'm in love with that women at work would I want my wife to hurt me the way I getting ready to justify an excess that will absolutely abolish her and mine lives. I say this because I am no saint. Anything that's worth something in my life has come from being willing to learn from my mistakes. So I only want to say that though many things can be said against marriage it's like anything else in life a chance. There are no guarantees. I understand that. In fact I think couples might end up being happier if they lived together before getting married. I've also heard it said a marriage certificate is only a piece of paper and that's right,without a commitment most things including the laws that run this country are only pieces of paper.
One thing I am curious about all other licenses have an expiration date,except a marriage license. Why can't they be renewable. Yes I'm married but that doesn't mean that after all the responsibilities of marriage have been taken care of ,including within a short period of time, paying off the house that I wouldn't mind a little down time. Who knows the wife and I are talking about it. After all 21, and 22 are not 64 and 65. Well I guess among my other imperfections I'm not perfectly married.

Well... ... ... probably neither as old nor as 'Pervy" as the God you invoked, eh?

Because no pervs would make it too good to be true

God...are all the younger kids so stupid? The answer will every time unanimously come from everywhere: yes yes and yes..yes

HI JosueGjerdingen
no. EP is a valuable place to meet people from all over The World of both genders and all ages. Some do not get that but imho they are a minority. Females on ep report a significant level of sexual harassment. This is deplorable and sad but it is not what ep is really about. I hope you find a way through the crap. Best wishes and respect

Don't worry, I see plenty of pervvy women too, I wonder if they are guys in disguise

I agree. I believe the age of a person is dependent upon what they have learned here in the time allotted. There's only 1 problem with this. There's no proof. The only proof we have of our defined maturity is unfortunately our age or our actions, considering nobody online really knows what actions you take on a daily basis there's no gauge for your maturity, so excuse us if we assume a 13-15 year old female is immature, but it's usually the case.

Ahh I get messages from percy old men all the times… its sooo annoying ✋

On yer tablet, I see?

What are u on about?

Except for the ones that don't want to go to jail.

Most are.

No we're not all pervs but we Will act that way if we think you Will let us. There are definitely some that are major perverts. I personally edit myself depending on the age of the person im talking to out of respect for them.


Most are, sadly.

All the guys on here are that pervy...they're guys. The old ones are just more comfortable with it so they hide it less.

love this answer
yea...i like myself :)

I don't think so

Although am technically not, have done a few Pervy things in real life. But never online. No pervy Pervy.


Pretty much

Conclusive proof. :) Age doesn't define maturity.

Yum lol jk jk i dont wan to get the r word

Pretty much XD that's all the internet is anymore. Just another way for 40, 50, 60+ something year olds to try and hit on girls that are barely 12


Lmao XD I'm wondering the same thing really..

It is sad that some are. But I assure you not all are. I am friends here with some fine, upstanding, very respectable men. I'm sorry that such negative has been your experience. Good luck to you.

Please do not paint all old guys with the same brush and I will not paint all the young girls here with the same brush and say they are all imature, ok

I honestly don't care how a person thinks of me but I don't want to get hit on by creepy people on the internet. And most of them on here tend to be older. And I disrespect it.

Yea baby!!!

That's greatesa and I respect that and a lot of old guys like u don't care what u think of them either. You have to be careful there r creepys everywhere not only on here and some r young guys with old profiles, lol

Because they don't get any ;)

And I wonder why. -.-


Some of us are not....but far too many are.


true to an extent.

Pretty much all, what a waste of a potentially good website full of sex-obsessed weirdos.


No, of course not!! Only about 99.9% of them lol