there are some 13-17 year olds who are more mature and kind than most of the older men on here.
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Hey not all old men are the same . I am a dad to 4 nudist kids and a lot of their friends say I am cool and wish their folks were the same . I am very broadminded and don't shock easily . Feel free to check me out .


very true

I would have used the term "much more mature". It all has to do with give and take. Maturity is giving ones self not looking for what is gained. Those who are lacking maturity are only interested in what they can take. Thievery is taking what is not rightfully yours.
Oh!! Should I have put these two terms together in this comment???

age dosen't bring in maturity

Most? I am going to fact check that statement.

U got that right, they just got 2 old :P

u will there one day lol I said the same thing

Nooo I'm doomed ! :S

that's to funny u

I agree.

oh and forgot to add some woman

Women* again, sorry it just annoys me so.


I can concer

Concur* sorry it's a pet peeve.