I know I'm new but I do have an experience. . . . . . . . You see I'm still a student and of course that comes with school with different types of teachers. . . . . Well one of my teachers is very immature and seems to just see us all as restarted kids just because there is only one. . . . . He talks to me as if I don't have a brain cell. . . It is annoying. . . . Anybody have any solutions? Because I've talked to him and explained but he won't listen. . . . I feel ignored
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3 Responses Aug 23, 2014

in situations like this you are just getting him off by trying to change his opinion, just feel sorry for him and ignore his ignorance

Just be sad that he views people this way, it reflects very poorly on him and there is no use in comparing you to him the same way there wouldn't be any use arguing with a delusional person:)

See if you can change teachers or take a different subject for that hr