Adults always thing so little of teenagers. This is one thing I don't understand. Yes you may know more then me but why do you have to think you know everything? You haven't lived the light what I have. Different time periods. Different society. Different everything. I know about some things now that you don't. So why must you assume you know everything?
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Okay age aside, even if you're a professor or genius in some field you still need to listen and get feedback from the newbies and apprentices because they can grasp concepts that you haven't even thought of. Yes the "expert" can relay how they got through their initial training, but times and information changes and grows. Which means that the "expert" needs to keep learning FROM and WITH the students. Hope this drawn out analogy made sense. Bottom line is that everyone should be listened to and have their opinions respected from birth to death

Always felt that way. My thoughts on something were usually ignored as a teenager. So I thought I wasnt worth it. I separated myself from most things unless I was asked to help out. The best way to get through this is be patient...polite...and prove yourself by making the right decisions for yourself.

It's ridiculous how many adults on here underestimate the intelligence of us teenagers. I find it's worse among the 40-60 age males. It's awful. A lot of us come here to escape and vent in a place that's suppose to be safe and it's like they joking certain experiences just to put us down like we don't know anything.

Beside of the fact that the time is different, it doesn't matter how many years you live, no one can live all the experiences that life has. I've met people younger than me that sometimes act more mature and know how to behave in situations I don't, and I have also met older people than me who act like a bunch of kindergartens...

So I totally agree with you.