I am quite young, people expect me to be out partying, be a nutcase like other people my age. They don't know the real me, I matured long before most people my age. They think that just because I'm young, I don't know anything or care about anything. I am an old soul.
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I agree, people too often judge me because I am young as well. Reality is that I could probably live my life on my own better than a lot of people, more responsibly and more effectually. We are the ones that can change that misconception. The idiots our age shouldn't be the basis of that age rule

People like us need to stick together


ok dazzle me!


Got the same problem here, but in my town the stereotype-picture of that is broken, wich is nice.

you are very mature for your age

age has nothing to do with maturity

Welcome to the club, when I became a furry at age of 12. I starting to build maturity level higher than my peers. Which led to early dropping out from high school, but I had plan to succeed. Which I did, so there good chance your real peers will be older group of people. Which they will take you more seriously