It it always ****** me off when i get judged from what she i am rather from what experience i have. We are in a time where a 5 year old can use an iPad better then a 21 year old.

I work in a place that interviews people and i talk for 30 min. The only thing thats comes out for a question is "how old are you".
hmoussa hmoussa
22-25, M
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I agree with U...

Actions always speak louder than words. A heighten vocabulary with less sentence enhancers ( curse words) will do wonders in your since of maturity when viewed by others.

That is true

How old am I? is not a solution..for question is asking by people should understand that..!

You're totally right !!

My 5 year old is like that with a iPad or phone. I know how you feel. I own a business and most all the employees are older then me.

Its get very frustrating At points where you just wanna leave.