Well Not True Completely

I also believe age matters to bread, I do not like bluemolded bread :-w


But, I have never had a concept of age.  I assumed as a child I was just a midget as my brothers were 20 and over years older than me and they weren't short in height either.  It has continued throughout my life- age is irrelevant to me, it is the person within.  As I was a late child, all of my family and then friends of family were older and that was the situation I grew up within.  I still got teased and arm wrestled by my brothers, even though they are now in their 40's they still argue with me and poke fun at me, and I am not innocent in returning that. 

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I have to rememberthat comparisson. I like it. Thanks

MissBebe? An RTD? Holy ****; I had no idea!

OK MissBebe, you can't just come in, drop tequila, and run. 'Splain! Is tequila better aged, or fresh?

Eb any time ....... :o)

I gathered that!

Salar to the rescue! Thanks!

Hhhhmmm whisky did someone say whisky ........<br />
<br />
Sorry Flutters boring stuff coming up .........<br />
<br />
Whisky never goes off......... not like wine suffers from corkage and often requires turning on the rack ... oh and kept in the dark ...... Maybe we should do the with the French as well... Whisky is laid down in barrells mainly imported from Spain and is aged whilst in the barrel and not in the bottle .......<br />
<br />
Here endth the first lesson grasshoppa ........ :o)

Don't know much about whisky. Does it peak, and then go bad after a time, like wine?

As a teen, I became part of the 5-member rotating teaching team for a Sunday School bible study class of mostly retired professors and pastors. It was fun, and I learned a heck of a lot more than I would have with the other kids!

It matters to cheese, too; and to wine.<br />
<br />
But not to the human heart. I was the same way. My mother remarked when I was a teen that all my best friends were at least as old as she was, some as old as her parents.