Why Arent They Coming Back? My Little Scenario

Alright, so aliens arrive on Earth, though not nessecarily all at the same time. They advise humans on how to live and what to and not to do. They are worshiped as gods by the humans. What they say becomes dogma and the explanations humans give for where they come from and what they are becomes fact because the aliens, since they are being worsipped, don't bother to tell the humans that what they belive is fact is actually mythology.
The aliens leave. Theyve planted their seed and wait to watch it grow.
The humans tell their children of what happened and the stories become more and more extravagant. Death, torture, and religion hold hands in events like the Spanish Inquisition, the murder of protestants under Bloody Mary's rule in England, wars in the middle east, wars in africa, world war 2, etc, etc.

So what my weak speculation really comes to is that maybe the aliens havent come back because theyve really ****** us up with religion and now they have decided that it is best that we deal with things ourselves.

No, im not saying that we have to get rid of religion for the aliens to come back.1, im not even sure if there were ancient aliens (despite being in this group) and 2, this may have the rise of religion may have caused extraterrestrials to see that we might need to grow on our own.
dugaauru dugaauru
13-15, F
Apr 20, 2012