My Ode Against Original Sin

My Ode against Original Sin

Tell you about Original Sin
Please stick it in the bin
Your not guilty from the day you were born
Organized religion needed you to adorn
You with weights they could only lift
To keep you in religions grip

In two hundred and fifty six ad
Long after Master Jesus’s Christianity
A college of cardinals was convened
Invented original sin for power over you and me
The beloved mother of mankind
Became the blamed for us to be blind

Those cardinals placed evil everywhere
And tagged it so they could be the answer
They needed to get us from the day born
To rack us with guilt and keep us scorned
To convince us we've sinned from an early age
Press ganged into the flock come what may

The true state of affairs is far different
You can fly higher without original guilt
You are not guilty of being not guilty
And this truth sets you free absolutely
Take all doctrine with a pinch of salt too
It’s all designed to maintain control over you
41-45, M
Dec 13, 2012