I Need Help!!!! :l

So, im almost 15 and my boyfriend is 18 next year but he is 17, he is goodlooking and girls always try to get with him but he is 100% faithful with me and tells them to "f*** off, i have a girlfriend" The reason why i have mixed feelings is because he have ONLY being dating for almost a month and he is starting to bother me just a tad..he live 3 hours from me, he really loves me, and i mean i dont know what he would do if i ever said goodbye to him..:/ he even tells me "i dont know what i would do without you" I used to be head over heals inlove with him, we had love eachother way before we started dating. But he is just starting to bug me abit. He treats me like any girl would love to be treated but i think its to much :// He always wants me to make promises as like "Promise me you wont leave me" he does get very upset over the slightest thing with me!! Like if he thinks i dont like him anymore he would get very sad and scared! he is protective of me its kind of to much for me..he always talks about how is going to marry me and how we are going to have kids when im older and where we are going to live..

He's getting me and promise ring! ;/ i dont want to make any promises! i'm still young! i want freedom to be silly! he always tells me how "he is never going to have sex with me only when im older and when we want to have children" thats fine!! i love the fact that he is not going to use me for sexual reasons..he always tells me how he is never going to hurt me and he is going to make sure nothing ever happens to me and he is going to take care of me..but i cant make promises because i dont know if we will last, he always says "i know your not going to hurt me" :/

He even has punched stuff over me like he got angry because he couldnt see me..he gets paranoid easy and has something to complain over, sometimes. Saying "you used to always say cute things and now you dont.." and one time he started crying on the phone to me because he said "well!!! i am inlove with you!!" and i said "yeah! im pretty much in love with you" But he got upset because it meant i didnt love him in the same way...he says how im like oxygen to him and his drive.." I do love him but he is getting to attached and he would be so lost and confused and upset if i ever said goodbye to him. he said "he would come down here and try and get me back if i ever dumped him" he keeps wanting to meet my family but i dont think my mum really likes him because of his age..and my dad does not really care.

I dont know what to do anymore! :// i need help!! should i spend more time with him or what?
ahhhhhh! ;///
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If you're already having these kind of problems when you've only been dating a month, then you need to go ahead and decide how much you want to be with him. To me, he sounds a little controlling like my ex--not controlling in a direct way, either. But it sounds like even if you wanted to leave, he's trying to guilt you into staying.

He does do that :/
He tells me what he would do if i ever did leave him

And he also has anger promblems