What Anu And Enki Started.......

The atomic clock is loosing track of time. The most minute amebes senses touched by the subsonic vibration in the subconcious. The soft flutter of a leaf, the whisper in the wind, the ***** of an ear, the silence of nature........ The waiting game has begun. For what is.....has already been. Burried by time itself, kept safe from the preying eyes of man. Slowly revealed is now the showstopper, the final act in the play. The characters already chosen, playing there parts perfectly. Piecing together the puzzle. The anticipation is felt by believer and non. Cheap cinematic visions dulling the senses of the lulled masses. In obscurity these words are written......Janus you know me, I know you, come clean and show me your hands. Are they bloody with deceit?

Just another song on the radio, another broken heart, another war, another disaster. The call of the ramshorn go by unheard. The word of the street preacher silenced by the thought of the charity paid. The pieces of silver given, and yet.....the **** has crowed three times. Dawn is apon us. In slumber we lay, warm in our bed of lies.

The feather from an angel wing has landed softly on the red dusty earth. Suspended in time, frozen in awe, I hear the silence of a thousand feet. The glitter of a double edged sword flickering like the sun. I see the bleach white bones stirring, the valley alive as a whisper of life blows over them.  A white dove spreads its wings towards the clouds, castles in the air. And somewhere, a crows eye spots famine and circles down to feed. Clouds rise form the ashes, and the rain splashes in my face, the toxic stench drenching every crevice and hole. Mushrooms plume, the rain driving them high.  Gabriel? I whisper, where is hope? The chant of the elders, the writing on the wall, the clarity of an old man, the moan of a woman on her sickbed. Her fever driven by the visions in her sleep. Nightmares turning her fascade grey. The writing is in the sky, "look up and see" The roman numerals make the number. Only the Omega is outstanding for Zeta will never be. Let the guests take there places at the table, for the wine is good. The groom is almost here, rejoice for the union is Holy......

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3 Responses Apr 16, 2010

Hie hie hie I think it funny that they think it is a rude word!!<br />
But the story you write is amazingly true.

Again !!! okay so what do want hmmm rooster, there you go happy?

Why take out my words, ? since when is "flicker" and "****" as in chicken R rated? what a joke!