Choose Life

I guess when you're adopted, you look at the world through different eyes.  For instance, what if my birth mother had an abortion instead of giving me up for adoption, I wouldn't exist.  It really puts things into perspective and makes you appreciate life a little more.  I couldn't possibly be responsible for taking someone else's life.  I wouldn't want that responsibility.  I could never choose abortion, even if I was raped, knowing that a living thing inside of me would never get the chance to make a life for him or her self.  Life can be very cruel, but I could never condemn someone to death for any reason.  I may have anger towards someone who is an abuser or killer, but I could never take that person's life or be a part of that person's death because I could never live with myself.  The old saying "two wrongs don't make a right" or "war doesn't show who's right only who's left" are two sayings that really describe how I feel about this issue.  If I got called to serve in the army, in all honesty, I would rather move out of the country.  If I was asked to serve on a jury in a state that allowed the death penalty, I would never be able to because of conflict of interest.  I believe all live is precious, and I support the protection of those who cannot protect themselves such as children and animals. 
rainbowlicious7 rainbowlicious7
26-30, F
Dec 4, 2007