A God Thing

I decided that on Good Friday this year that I would take my dog on a picnic at the top of a mountain here in Mexico.  I figured that looking out on the city would be a great way to meditate on God's blessings.  On the way, I passed a crowd of people in the street and when I slowed down to  pass by I saw a man in the center of the crowd carrying a cross.  I realized they were doing a re-enactment and felt I needed to take this walk with them.  So, I took the dog and car home and jogged the 10 blocks back in the direction that I had seen this and met up with them.  For 2 hours I followed along - uphill and downhill through the city of Chihuahua.  The Roman guards were whipping the man, and several times he fell to the ground under the weight of the real cross he was carrying.  Finally we arrived at a small knoll where the "Roman guards" erected 3 crosses on which they tied these actors and raised them.  I looked around at the very silent crowd and saw that some were stunned, some awestruck, some weeping.  When the last cross was raised, the blue sky turned cloudy.  I realized then that I had no idea where I was.  I had only been here a couple of months and I had been following blindly for 2 hours.  Nor do I speak Spanish and was unable to ask directions.  I said a little prayer that God would get me home without getting too lost as I was pretty tired by then.  After I had walked about 2 blocks, I saw a street sign that had the same name as mine.  I figured I must be way at the other end of my street or that there were 2 streets with that name.  Nothing looked familiar to me.  As I turned the corner of the street, I saw my car and my house not 50 feet from me.

Why is all life precious?  Because God gave it to me and to all of us and all of his creatures and creations.  He always has my back and yours if we just trust him and enjoy what He has given.

I have a photo album with some of these pictures if you care to look.  Dios te bendiga!

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2 Responses May 2, 2008

imzch - You absolutely can trust God. I guess the key words here are hope and faith. It's so easy for us humans to get caught up in this world around us and much easier sometimes to hope and trust in it rather than in that which we can't physically see. Believe me, I've tried much of what the world offers and it is all temporary. God is the only unconditional and eternal When we try to know Him better by reading and studying His word, he draws closer to us. Just like any other relationship, you talk to Him and listen to Him to know Him better. I usually want quick results to my life issues. God doesn't always work on my timetable. However, He is teaching me much in patience as I learn to wait and obey. He always comes through in His timing and His results are always good because there is no evil or darkness in Him. He is Love. Get to know Him better and you will know this too.

I hope I can trust God.