Culture Of Life

A Culture of Death is vying for control in our modern world. There are attacks   on the sacred gift of life everywhere. Legalized abortion, euthanasia, and the threat of   nationalized healthcare are just some of the many ways in which life is assaulted every   day. Therefore, a major problem for pro-lifers in today’s society is preserving pro-life   principles. Trying to promote the right to life in a culture where apathy and the desire for   worldly pleasures control a massive amount of the population is a difficult task. Abortion,   euthanasia, and healthcare are fundamental issues which need to be addressed first, in   order for a Culture of Life to begin to flourish. It is the moral obligation of people in   every state in life to fight for the right to life. But how is one to preserve life against those   who have no respect for it?   In a time when many members of the population have succumbed to a lack of   concern for the value of life and a desire for worldly pleasure, it is the duty of those   members who still respect human dignity to stand up and defend the right to life, to   which all humans are equally entitled. Those who are indifferent and desirous of self-   gratification need to see the bigger picture. Some think that not voicing their opinions,   lest they offend either party, will not affect either side of the case. Unfortunately, they   are wrong, and it helps the people who have no regard for the sacredness of life. The   apathetic need to realize that in being impassive toward issues involving the preservation   of life, they are actually supporting those who are against it. It is the obligation of the   pro-life to help them realize the damage that is done every time they remain silent.   The desire for worldly pleasure is the biggest reason that the Culture of Death   has flourished so much. A young, single woman learns that she is unexpectedly pregnant   with a child with special needs. Not wanting to have to give up her freedom or deal with   the burden of an impaired child, she aborts the baby. A man, who’s elderly father is   diagnosed with a terminal illness and not expected to live much longer, decides to have   him euthanized. A man running for political office says in his campaign that he will   vote pro-choice, when his personal beliefs are pro-life. Those people had the chance to   embrace and promote life. Instead, they rejected and destroyed it for selfish reasons such   as, wanting a comfortable, unburdened lifestyle, and in order to remain in the favor of the   people. We need to reach out to those who do not respect life, and shape the idea that life   is a gift above all others, which needs to be cherished and respected above any pleasure.   Those, who are in ignorance of their own wrong doings, need to be reminded of   the value of human life. They need to be shown that the desecration of life is not a good   to be supported but an evil to be rejected. Simple ways in which one can wake those   who are immune to the evils they support are praying and protesting outside of abortion   mills, openly sharing information about the horrors of abortion and euthanasia in public   places, visiting nursing homes and assisted care facilities, and collecting money for crisis   pregnancy centers. These are small but effective reminders of the importance of life. If   one mother decides against the choice to have an abortion, if one person’s pro-choice   views are changed, and if one person is reassured of the value of his life, then a battle in   the war for the defense of life has already been won.   There are bigger ways in which one can help promote the sacredness of life.   Writing to politicians to either encourage them to vote pro-life or to thank them for   supporting pro-life principles is an excellent way advocate the importance of life. Those   in society who have the most power to use either against or for life are politicians. If   all members of high-ranking political importance were pro-life, many end of life issues   would be solved. The pro-life community needs to work hard to get politicians who   support life into office.   Likewise, the medical community has a strong influence on the issue of life. A   patient will often turn to a physician or specialist to figure out what the best thing to   do is. But if the doctor is not an advocate for life, then the patient will quickly be led   to make bad choices. Therefore, there is a great need for pro-life doctors, nurses, and   anyone in the medical profession. If hospitals worked based on pro-life ethics, then the   Culture of Death would quickly be put down, because there would be no place to perform   euthanasia, abortion, or other life-ending procedures.    In conclusion, it is the obligation of pro-life members of today’s society to stand   up and defend human dignity by promoting the value and importance of life. There   are many ways in which one can help those who are apathetic to the fight for life and   reach out to those in need to be reminded of the sacredness of life. Those with political   influence and medical skills especially need to be reminded of the gift of life and   encouraged to support it. If all of the pro-life members of the population worked as one   against the Culture of Death, the battle for the preservation of life would be won.
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I'm Keeping A Candle Light Vigil On My Windowsill.

In this trouble and darken
world of Our's;

I'm keeping a candle light
vigil burning on My
windowsill tonight,

For all of the fallen One's

There will never be another
One like You ever again,

And My Heart is in agony over
all of My Brothers and My

Who had die of hatred and
violent death,

And these Tears of Mine that
I'm shedding tonight is for all
of My Brothers and My Sisters

I'm gonna light a candle for
this trouble and darken
world of Our's,

I'm lighting this candle in
hopes that Heaven would
shed a little light upon
this trouble and darken
world of Our's;

I'm hoping and praying that
Heaven can see this candle
light vigil of Mine burning
on My windowsill tonight,

For all of My Brothers and
My Sisters everywhere.


charles h. miranda
OR: charlesthepoet2003
OR: charlesthepoet2004
OR: thelovegoddess1321