It Really Is

only now after we as a species have done some much damage,have we learned the truth.we must protect all life.both great and small.and most of all,must protect each other,from ourselves and matter how great the person,or how forgotten and lonsome.

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

i agree,fe45au. it is a shame what our society has come to.i compare it to the idole worshipers of is a badge of honor to survive mental is the worst disease now.mainly because of the discrimination father had a complete breakdown in front of me when i was 11.i still carry the emotional scars.

You're right. Every life is special. When I read stories here of people who have some of the same problems I deal with, I think that in our society it is unacceptable to have mental illness. That somehow I failed in life to be like this. It is in fact an act of great courage to have survived to make it to this point. Now my life is different in that I'm much happier and find great meaning to my life. I wonder if I earn extra points as a person in our society for that.<br />
It shouldn't be based that way. The world is so skewed to putting emphasis on people that stand in front of a camera and say lines. What is that? Not much of a job, but yet we have put that at the top of the heap as something important.<br />
The quality of life shouldn't determine whether you have a right to live. God has made each and every one of us, unique.<br />
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