You Might See This In Your Work Place.

I am a bisexual guy that workes as a laborer at  a meat packing plant. as a bisexual I am all for fair play, but there are young men at work who are a bit ignorrent about life. There is this one guy who jokes around putting people down. he has been talked to about his rude behavior several times and has lost his position several times because people do not want to work beside him because he is to ignorent to them. I do not think that he is aware that he hurts peoples feelings wioth his crude attempt at humer. His new target is a nice older woman. she has a sceachy voice and every time that she talks to someone he makes sceachy noises. Why can't he realize that every one gets older. and he should take the time and get to know her. She is a realy nice woman who wouldn't hurt a fly. Then  there is another guy who was into credit card fraud. He says that he stopped  breaking the law now after he was busted for attempted fraud of a credit card. Their are a bunch of nice  guys at my work place, as well. real honest hard working people. Some of the people I work with drink booze too much and i could not imagine myself drinking  more than a couple of times a week. Most of the people I work with are nice people, but after some of their stories about hedro man life. i feel like sneaking off and hopping into a nice dress and be a sissy trying not to do any thing illegal, and maybe cooking up a nice supper, and thank god that I am a sissy and not a criminal young man hedro, or someone that drinks too much. I guess that is why I am only attracted to people I know are gay or are bisexual, or a women., I better stop now I am beginning to sound like I am putting every one down at work while there are only a couple of people I do not want to know.

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

Every work place has them, I know from experience, I have had enough jobs to know that every work place has them, but there are a lot of good co workers, that outweigh the bad ones.