I Beleive That All Religons Are Correct.

People may be looking at this saying,"Shes still young. She has no idea"

Well I do.  All religons are correct! whatever you beleive to be correct is. People will always talk about you and your beliefs.  I am a christian.  I do not look down on other peoples religion and never will.  People who choose to believe otherwise have thier views on my religion, and thats that.  All religons are the same, in some way.  Allah, God Whoever You Worship, will alwasy be there for you.  I have always been so forward about issues like this. Racism & Some Others.  Young People these days really need to get clued up about religon.  In my Religious Education class when we talk about God & what we believe in, people will not give their opinion because tehy think taht people will laugh at them or look down on them beacuse of what they believe. I do not mind this because i believe in God. And Am Not Ashamed To Admit it.  Shouldn't all religous people Be Like this? Or I Society  Putting pressure on us?

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I got real confused about which religion is right, all I know is man has a spiritual nature and needs God. Its like the cup needs water - its made for it. We are made for God to pour his spirit into us or we are empty. I have read criticisms of the torah and of jesus and of the Bhagadavita. I chant with the krishnas and go to churches as well as synagogues. I feel Gods presence in all - it fills me. To say there are contradictions in the texts of these is true but what does it matter. If you love your wife and someone points out faults in her will you love her less? You accept her as she is with her faults and contradictions - you love her. I cant answer whether jesus walked on water or Moses spilt the red sea. I dont know - what i know is that there is a Creator and He made me. im sure theres truth in evolutionary theory otherwise why would so many inteloigent people believe it, but I still instinctively believe in God the Creator. If we havent got instinct what have we got? Love to you Peter

There is one God and many false ones. Many religions, many beliefs, but still only one God. Jesus said He is the way, the truth, and the life. No one reaches the one true God but by Jesus. Jesus told His disciples the way to tell the difference between whose beliefs are right and whose are wrong: Either they believe in Him or they don't. Pretty straightforward.

It's that reason why so many are no longer Christian, I had a Christian friend who said he became a Sikh because they accepted all religions as a path to Waheguru.

In one part I agree with you,.i.e there is god whatever you call him.But there are some people do not beleive in the presence of god .So an important question to be raised ,what is the definition of god? and why almost all people do not agree with you?<br />
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to me people have different beleives, which are different from religion and the other.Some are clearly opposite to each other .We should have to search and follow the religion thst is true

You are absolutely correct and I feel in its entirety our religious beliefs are the same. I believe everyones religion suits them and were they find escape or comfort....theres nothing wrong about it. You can call god whatever you want...any name for god carries the same meaning. I judge nobody for there beliefs...and feel nobody should be judged..instead listen and learn.