when my husband got sick I gave our son our bed,(a King size mothionless waterbed) loved it!!!!and got two adjustable beds. 91/2 months later when my husband died ,I gave my son all the furniture that came with the bed, So I had a relitivly big room with just two adjustable beds. By this time I loved this new bed and could see that down the road( way down the road if I have anything to do with it) well it would come in handy for knee problems, arthritis all the wouderful things in store for us. well, didn't much care about the room ,furniture or much of anything for awhile. Almost a year went by, I thought I had better get with the program and get some furniture. Went to many big stores in town, everyone said that I could not get a head board to fit the two beds put together to make my king. took measurements and it just couldn't be done.discusted about not getting a head board I stopped looking. One afternoon I was taking my grandsons to the skating rink and i passed an old discount furniture store I had passed thousands of times, and was just about to pass it that thousand and one time when I got this great impulse to turn around and just check... well I went in and wammo, I saw this set that was to be mine. Told the gentelman about my dilima with the beds and head board, he told me no it won't fit but if I made some adjustments I could get it to fit. OK, I'm cooking now. Made arrangements for dilivery.not even thinking of the dilivery date, it was my husbands birthday. was just so happy to get it. The morning the furniture came an nice young man, brought the head board in and I told him I would have to put it away until I could get someone to make adjustments to make it fit. He so sweetly said do you mind if I try it? I said not at all, but I've been told by many that it wouldn't fit....FIT LIKE A GLOVE!!!!Thanked God, thanked the nice young man and last but not least thanked my husband.
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Your so right doughboylover.....8-}

Moxy!!! LOL Adjustment??? Is THAT what they call it these days?????

Thank you both for your comments, Mox, yes the dates jiving was special, at that point I really didn't care about hardly anything and Had almost given up on the bed, I know it had to have been my husband directing as he would. I'm not sure about the nice guy though as he was jealous. but I feel him directing me in that direction now. His spirit is with me always.

Me thinking as I do - I bet your husband directed you to that store! And, I bet he wouldn't have minded if you had gotten an "adjustment" from that nice little delivery guy! LOL Strange how the dates jived! I love stories like this one where serendipity happens and it seems that there might be a plan amid all this chaos we endure.

What a beautiful story. I'm so glad that you got your new head board!