Cheating Death

My husband had a serious single vehicle car accident that should have claimed his life – there is no driver seat left and the steering wheel is in the middle of the car. The passenger of the vehicle (my brother) had to undo my husband’s seat belt to get him out of the car that was loosing petrol over the road. All he suffered was a broken leg. I was devastative and very disappointed that he had caused such an event; he was driving a GTST Skyline and knowing my husband he would have been driving like a 22 year old instead of 33. However on his during his period resting at home he had a heart attack, we latter discovered that one of his main arteries was 90 percent blocked. I often think and thank God fro what has happened for if he had been at work he may not of realised the signs and I would be alone my son would hardly remember his father and my daughter would never of known him.


tarsha tarsha
31-35, F
Feb 15, 2009