Why All Women Are Beautiful

Everyone's special in their own way. You maybe fat, or skinny, dark or white, hot and sexy or you know..just normal..but it doesn't matter, everyone's beautiful in their own way. Besides, the outside attractiveness isn't important, what matters is who you are from inside, from your heart. If that's good and pure..well, hell, you are very beautiful. But if its not, then what's the use of the 'mask' you are wearing?
I believe all women are beautiful and that's why I..'don't judge a (female) book by its cover' ..
So all ladies..!!..consider yourselves beautiful, you are what you look inside, not outside.Try to be nice to everyone and I'm sure you will get your reward what ever you look.
I think all men must strive to respect, recognize and appreciate the inner beauty of all women he encounters throughout his life journey. A life journey which he began inside the dark, safe warmth of a woman's body. And that's why all of you ladies are beautiful. The beauty of women is the divine foundation of all human civilization, both male and female. That's why I think all women are beautiful.

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3 Responses Aug 13, 2011

awwwwww that is sweet you are smarter than the average bear...charm will get you places...so will smiles, affection and flirting...women and men love attention..we wanna look good on the outside too...it's good for your health...

Thank you for sharing<br />
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