The Meaning of Love For Women

when shes wrong i wont tell her shes right

ill gently tell her the truth

about the thing i like thats all of her in all her modes angry or happy she is desierable aged or with youth to be cherished when her mind is depraved to be supported nurtered back to spiritual health i will share her most intimate secrets and love her all the more for sharing her life with me if she leaves me then she becomes my as child and with her all crudity is fine and her vulgar essence mine with song or sword i stand my ground and as a man i take my crown and with these words weave her a gown to cover all that i have found .

ill bathe her softly, tend to her wounds,and place a kiss afore her womb''

and from our truths life starts anew yes that makes folks like me and you

mingeplucker mingeplucker
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 9, 2009

That is beautiful, and must surely come from a beautiful person.