I love how women are invulnerable at times but are emotionally strong when the situation calls for it.

I love how straightforward we are but sensitive to those who lacks care and compassion.

I love the soft skin, the sweet scent and the all the bumps and curves that is natural to a woman.

We are fire and passion and yet we are gentle and sweet as well

Yes we are weird but special and unique at the same time.
purplefreespirit purplefreespirit
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Hope your husband sees all that in you...:)

I love that sensitive and honest description of a woman. Well done.


I love the soft skin, sweet scent,and all curves and bumps of a woman, since they are a natural art of woman. Very true, women are fire and (lot of) passion, yet they are gentle sweet and lovingly caring. Purple, you put all this so beautifully well.....my hugs to you....


Women also are criptic creatures which is why they are so difficult

I know we are but sometime you also just have to be a little more sensitive.

If a man is sensitive, woman will never be difficult or enigmatic...

So it is just a truce then

More than truce .....a happy loving living...

Just the way it should be

You are sooooooo perceptive....lots of love

Where is that? I need that.

You sure deserve lots of love.....in my own way i could love you a whole lot...You need more than me..... You deserve much better my friend...please know you are a dear friend to me...I respect and love you

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