They just need the right guy to see it <3
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i guess so too. beauty is very opionated...unless your beyonce then everyones opinion is the same. LOL

great let me know if anyone is interested in a Melissa McCarthy over an Angelina Jolie and let me know lol.

I guarantee you someone, somewhere is. You can dismiss them as "chubby chasers" if you want, but doesn't change that they prefer one to the other.

(plus, I'd say Mccarthy has a prettier face. And that's still just focusing on external attractiveness)

Soooo true

Absolutely true. Also, it is the inward beauty that radiates out that a real man is looking for. "Boys"don't seem to understand that.

Yeah. A word "beautiful" doesnt mean just the outside :)

Pretty refers to outside, beautiful refers to inside... That radiates outwardly

yes its true bt girls misuse this beauty