Women, WOMEN, WOMEN. I think that women are the greatest gift to mankind. They are caring, sharing, and very giving. They spend time making sure that they look good for themselves for other women and for OTHER men.

The shape of their bodies, the sound of their voice, the movement of their ***** all contribute to their beauty. 

When you add all of this to the fact that they bring life into this world, makes them a pure miracle.

All of this I like sharing with other men when it c um s to my wife becase she is all of the above and more.


XXXXXX I can't put enough kisses on this for all the women of the world, but that is what I would like to do.



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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

how conveniently male gender is accommodated in female gender.<br />
Female has male in it, she has got he in it and women has got men in it. No wonder women rule the world although apparently men think that they rule the world. There would be no mankind if the women were not kind.