Long Time Coming

I'm a Liberal. I believe completely in women's rights. There is no question in my mind that women are capable of doing anything men can do, and not infrequently, better.

BUT (you knew there was a "but" coming, right?) over my many years I have come to a realization: All women are ******. I love them, but they're ******. This doesn't mean that they're promiscuous and they'll just sleep with anyone. It doesn't mean they have no self-respect or don't deserve respect from others. But in my experience I've found that they do lack a certain integrity in personal relationships. They like guys with money, they like guys with power and they will **** those guys to get what they want. And if/when they get with a guy like that, they will do almost anything sexual, no matter how degrading.

This is not coming from any bitterness or resentment from being jilted or anything. My mom didn't abuse me, etc. Hell, I think it's great! I've had a very satisfying and very fortunate history with women. I love having a ***** slobber on my knob. I've met girls who were very prim and correct, but over time, if they decided they wanted me (and they certainly didn't always), I always managed to get them to do the filthiest of things.

Which I'd love to share with you, if you're interested.

In conclusion: All women are filthy fuckpig ******. Hooray!
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I agree with you, qotsa2

not just women -- everyone works for money. everyone is a ***** on some level. it's called a job, usually. as for me, knowing work is prostitution helped me decide what i can accept money for, and what i prefer to keep non-currency based. ;) thanks for writing this!


you are absolutly right **** the ******

Nop, you are absolutely wrong. Visit Asia, like middle east and India. I've been there. No matter how filthy rich a guy is, there are many woman who are so loyal to their husband, nothing tempts them to get others in their pants. They devote whole life for 'the one' they are with and are also ready to sacrifice their life for their husband.

I think you have got it all wrong buddy you cannot generalize like that idefinitely disagree with you

I totally agree...