Yes All Women Should

I see nothing wrong with the housewife role. From the days of old. And if the women today choose to live that lifestyle. Then feminnazi's need to mind their own damn business. Just take care of your ***** whipped man and leave others alone. Take this feminnazi's cowcrap with ya. If ya want to change Saudi Arabic then get off your fat *** and move there. But most of you nasty girls don't have the guts or the nerve.

I for one came from and was taught old school. And nasty girls you're right. In my house my women obey. Or pack your **** and get the hell out. There is only room for one master in my house AND THAT'S ME!
and my marriage vow has the obey in it or it will be an I DON'T take that woman.

Now some will think I'm an ******* and I don't care. But I take care of my woman. I see she gets her wish or die trying. I provide for her. I have a nice home and filled with nice things. Mostly the things she wants. And she is more than willing to the woman chores. Cooking cleaning and washing. I just don't believe a woman working. And I don't believe in Dutch treat or woman picking up a restaurant tab.

I also believe women should dress and and act like ladies. There are no blue jeans t shirts or baseball cap's in my house for women. I don't wear them and be damned if a woman in my house is going to. There is also no foul mouth or tattoos on my women. If I want a ******* good o 'l boy I'll go to the corner bar for one. And feminnazi's you will be surprised as to how many american girls around that still like the good old days style of living. So take your feminnazi's cowcrap and your hate. And pack your bags for Saudi. Or stick it up your ***. I don't care which.

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But I thought you indicated you don't have a woman. I am a feminist but I have also been a housewife and stay at home mom. While I do wear, jeans, a tee shirt, and a baseball cap sometimes when I am doing yard work, the majority of the time I like wearing very feminine clothes, makeup, and fixing my hair. I enjoy cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, decorating, caring for my family, and many other things that some people consider to be "women's work".

It seems that you do not view feminists and feminism correctly because there are many other feminists who are like me, are married, love men, have children, and enjoy being housewives, stay-at-homes, and being feminine. There are also women (not just feminists) who enjoy having careers and not having a family, or having a career and being the bread winner while being married to a stay-at-home dad.

There is nothing wrong with your wanting a woman who will fit your criteria and I hope that one day you will find one, but you should not assume that all feminists are opposed to what you want, the kind of woman you want, and how you want her to behave.

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Yep, feminism is not as good for people as the feminists would have us believe.

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true true. Men are the Master's of the house, and that's straight from God. When women started working, and burning their bra's this country started going to hell. It's obvious to anyone with half a brain. Boom! Twice the workers, means a worker is worth less. This is when people started getting paid less, and the dollar became worth less. Not to mention, crime, and decaying morals, because mom's not home to help raise the kids. How about divorce rates! Divorce is sweeping the country because people dont understand the value of marriage and what marriage even is. It's the man taking authority over the wife and family. It's the wife acknowledging his authority and obeying. This is what the bible teaches to those who aren't pagans, and aren't blinded by feminist propaganda. Feminism doesn't even help women anyway.

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Very true and about a 60% less divorce rate.

@masterman32: The tail end of your comment about the pagans has me a bit confused. Are you lumping pagans and feminists into the same category or think they are somehow related?

Curious with the way some act they may
As well be

It's the same thing self-righteous ignorance. Feminists reject God's plan, and claim their own agenda is God's. The truth is feminists don't want equality for women, they want female superiority. And actually they will have it. It's one of the pre-cursers to the rapture. 'Men will be as women'

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Good rant. If the femiNazi don't like it, that is their problem. Good women will agree with you and choose to have a good life.

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