All Women

All women should obey. Feminnazi's need to realize everyone has rules to follow. Don't like it tough ****. And churches need to stop their cowcrap also. Stop the feminnazi's take over. They even have the Catholic Church ***** whipped. Taking father out of their service and many prayers. What? The Pope lose his balls.

The Bible tells women to obey their men. The Bible teach women to go to their men for instructions. Regardless if he is their father or their husband. Churches are in the business of teaching the Bible and saving souls. And not be politically correct. Stop the bullshit of being afraid they might offend the
feminnazi's of the church. If they don't like it they can stay home. They have that right. But they do not have the right to change church teaching or the Bible to please them. Sorry the Bible and God's teaching tells women to obey. But that's the way it is. ALL WOMEN MUST OBEY! THIS is the word of God. So as it is written so shall it be.

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snowlover13 snowlover13
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Jan 18, 2013