Let's Change The World!

"If you want to be happy, make others happy" so let's do it. I know how you can feel more confident, happy and proud about yourself. It's easy... make others happy. Hug someone you see for the first time, smile to the sad person you see on the street, ask somebody how they REALLY are... My plan is this: hug/smile to some stranger as many times as you can in a day and then in the end of the day, come here and write the number of people you made happy that day. So are you with me? let's make the world a better place! Share this plan with as many people you can and help others, make something good and feel good about that. I promise you, you won't regret when you see smile on someone's sad face <3
Remember, everything is possible! ;)

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I have done many of the things that you have mentioned, open doors for elderly, give compliments to strangers-- help a customer in a store to get something off a high shelf-ect.. My son and wife recently had theyre first child, i went to tell my cousin on the phone and found out she passed away 2 weeks earlier. - what a day, i never should of called, but then i never would of found out either--love to chat with u on facebook im billMeh

I've been working on this for almost as long as you've been alive and it makes me happy to see others trying to do the same thing. My personal thing for almost 18 years is giving flowers to strangers. If I'm happy I love to share it with others and if I'm sad (rare) I give flowers to make others smile which makes me smile! You can see it here on an interview I did after someone I gave a flower to turned out to be a reporter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-oaUguaoeQ

wow thats amazing :D

It was cool, this week I had 24 ladies who thought of me as their Valentine's Day sweetheart after I gave roses away at a retirement home!

That's a very nice attitude If everyone was like u the world would be a better place. How did u become so thoughtful? I must admit I should be more like that, thanks for reminding me : )

Very sweet story :)

We have the same philosophy thePianogirl. It's so rewarding to see someone's face light up with a smile. Excellent story. 😃

I love the idea! Luckily, I am almost always smiling at everyone I see!!

Awwwwwwwwwwww way sweet idea I'll try it!

Sound fabulous babes, stay like that for the rest of ur life, i love that more

Forgive yourself and loving others becomes much easier. Your sentiment is divinely inspired.

My plan is help every one !

"Happiness is a habit so cultivated it". i do agree with you thepianogirl ... :)

Hey U have the right attitude and if everyone would do this, the world would be such a beautiful place.... LOVE U

A long time ago I would walk the streets of an eastern (US) city in my spare time, and the smiles made all the difference. Granted, it wasn't Dallas, but people like that do make the world much more liveable.

Love the plan.......I see some of that going on hear now. Complete strangers helping each other out.. I'm a victim of hurricane sandy, thank God my children and I are safe but we lost everything. A hug, a smile is such a beautiful thing............

God bless you luv,i love it and Love you God bless you in Jesusus name for holy holy holy is thou amen my name is Richard Lee Admas you have my support,,,my scfreen name on yahoo and Gmail is richbutpoorone God Bless you sister!!!!

Dear Sir/Madam
The process of perception began in our minds. All our thoughts are aiming to distinguish good and evil. The silence that we keep has to be broken. We have to get rid of the lie from our world, to learn on mistakes made in the past. With our beliefs manifesting in daily life we can break the silence.
“We all can live better life.”
Fairness, justice and freedom are more than just words, they are perspectives. If you see the crimes of this government, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek. Please support my protest against human rights violations:

“We have a right to access top secret acts, there is not different between us. We are all part of the nation.”
We all have a right to be treated equally. Since when 1 has different values “Why 1 GBP equals 1.2373 EURO” / 1 GBP equals 5 Zloty”
“What man has created belongs to the man. We have a right to use the same technology.”
“Banking system was created to ensure safety of people and their transactions. It was not created to divide society into rich and poor.”

On 21.09.2012 I decided to send a complaint of above to European Court of Human Right. I’m still waiting for their respond. Deep in my heart, I know that I'm right. We have to live with truth. To live in a harmony. To reach infinity.

Your faithfully


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I find that every time I make someone happy you make someone else unhappy. It's a human consequence however unfortunate.

lol hugging strangers could get you arrested, but smiling and making a nice comment is doable :]

I wear a 'Hug me' pin everyday just in case someone needs one :)

I'm a little shy, but I'll try this.

I would love to Hug you.
I do this alot already, Im known for my bear hugs...

You so kick ***! If you were my neighbor we would rule the world. Kindly, of course...

I do agree with your thoughts on changing the world my personality feels flawed when I am not assisting someone in some way. I call it pay it forward. Why does someone have to be nice to you to want to help if possible? Why must people be stuck up and snobby to strangers ? Every person I met is invaluable because I learned something from them good or bad.

Great idea,I like the way you think!,it really would make the world a better place,I'm definitely in!!!.

Exactly!!! I practice this daily. I like it better being around happy people so I do whatever I can to make my space a happy place.

I love this! And, I will do what you suggest on a daily basis. Nothing would make me feel better. Thank you! I needed this reminder.

Just to share something: My sister has a tradition that she does every year on her birthday. She asks that all of her friends and family to do a RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) in lieu of getting her a birthday present. It could be simply opening a door for an elderly person, helping a busy mother put groceries in her car or picking up someone's tab at a restaurant and treating them to a free dinner. This year, I got a gift bag and filled it with small presents, candy, lotions, candles, a beautiful topaz ring, an inspiration book......tons of stuff and I wrote a letter explaining about the RAOK. I hopped in my car and drove around to find a recipient and I found a woman pumping gas at my local gas station. I had never seen her before and she didn't look happy. She looked as if she had the world on her shoulders and that she was extremely tried. I pulled up, jumped out of my car and said "This is for you". Of course she looked confused but I told her that there was a letter inside explaining what it was for and for her to have a good day. "Oh! Thank you!!!" and her frown turned into a glowing smile. I simply jumped in my car and drove away. I have no idea who she was, her name or where she was from. But if felt great to do it!

Really a very good idea.......I respect your thought

I second that. Being a guy, I don't want to get slapped or punched by randomly hugging strangers, But a smile, and a simple "how' ya doing?" is a regular occurrence. I also get to chuckle at the folks that can't figure out what I'm doing saying hi to them.

But I'm thinking of making a "Free Hugs" sign and walking through the park. And I never refuse a person holding such a sign. :)

I liked your story a lot and you put a smile on my face

I try to do something nice for someone every day regardless of how small that something is. There seems to be so much anger and distrust lately and I also think it's important that we try to connect to one another. I firmly believe that for the most part we all want the same basic things, to feel safe, secure and loved. So while I can't be there in person I offer this ((((HUG)))) to all who need one.

i'm a person who needs change

yeah thats a good idea im in as well.

I had a wonderful experience on the recieving end. It was early one morning, waiting outsde the train station, a young woman was standing waiting, seeed to be looking out for someone. A while went past, & she came up to me to ask about train times, & how she could get to a particular place as this was her 1st time in this part of town. I helped her with as much information as I could, & when that was done, she continued talking to me, telling me that she felt a bit vulnerable, as she did not know this part of town & had missed a connection with friends she had planned to meet. I smiled sympathetically as I listened to her. I felt quite protective towards her as she was so trusting, perhaps even a bit naievely so. Hating the thought of anyone taking advantage of her, I opened up to her,I would be her friend for as long as she needed me. My company would be her safe place to stay for a while. When a bus came past, she decided to take it, but 1st, threw her arms around me, very gently, & hugged very close, I responded in a similar way, we disengaged about 1/2 way, smiled, & I thanked her in a gentle tone before we went our seperate ways. Not only do I remember the details, but the lovely feelings as well, to be trusted & accepted like that was a heartwarming compliment.
On the giving side, only yesterday, I saw a little girl loose her big red baloon to a gust of wind, her mother unable to rescue it for fear of letiting go of such a small child. It was some distance from where I was, & as I remember vividly a time before I started school, that I lost a big red baloon just before christmas, I ran to rescue it for her, & succeeded. Even after all those years, I still fel that loss, I was determined that this little girl would be spared that. Her mother was so thankfull, especially as I had a rubber band to secure the baloon more tightly.
The truths you write of are illustrated to some degree in the above experiences, I just wanted to thank you for your offering by sharing some encouragement.

Well done.

Great idea I am in

Im in.

I try and make people happy during the day. Its the least I can do.

This is a very good way to live sweetheart don't you ever change!

Great idea :) I will try my best.

That is a wonderful idea. God bless you!!!!

that is good
God care you

nice thoughts dear and thx 4 sharing

<p>being positive towards other is a good idea, and to exercise it too.</p>

i been doing this! :)

x x x x x

If you complement a girls hair what exactly do they feel like

it really is a wonderful feeling to make someone smile
and help those who need help or are alone

great idea from a lovely lady

It's a great idea and will give positive results.

WE only get what we give :)

I try to live my life in this manner daily. Making a positive difference in another person's life will make a positive difference in your own life.

I'm in but it is more difficult for a big ugly guy like me to give people hugs. I do smile and always try to treat everyone I meet with kindness. Thanks for your story.

thanks..i'm in...

We never know the battles people are facing... They may have cancer in their family, or recently lost a loved one... or a thousand different things...we never know. So i always try to make someones day brighter with a compliment or a smile.

You are young, look forward remember that the elderly were once as young and vibrant as you are now... great suggestions from everyone.

This is a fulfillment of the Golden Rule...do unto others as you would have them do to you..." Small simple gestures can change someone's entire day. The more someone's entire day is changed for the better the more we are changing the world. As you pick people to whom to be nice, it is easy to pick people you would want as friends. Instead, why not pick someone who is not a "hunk of a guy" or a beauty of a girl. Why not look for someone quiet and shy who wishes someone would just notice them. If you read on EP you will find some "invisible people" that are crushed that no one knows they are alive. If you see someone grossly overweight, speak with them. Food us substituting for something missing and they are lonely. The plain shy girl may be waiting to blossom, or may always be shy and plain, but could use a smile. There are people who think they are homely that would thrive on a kind word. There are veterans than you can thank for their service.

Sometimes it takes courage to be kind. I am one of those big teddy bear guys. When I hug a person, they know they have been hugged. Sometimes the older women in my church are so grateful to be hugged, you can't imagine.

Guys...when you hug a woman and don't make her feel like you are just wanting to feel a certain softness, you actually can cause a release of oxytocin that will brighten her mood all day long.

Girls, you may not know it, but just by looking nice and smiling you can brighten days. And I might be ruining all the good things I am saying, but when you look a little sexy it does make everyone's day brighter, guys and girls, in my experience.

I am with you pianogirl. By the way, music is also a day brithener. Costs nothing to play soemthing people will like ot hear. Got musical talen? Got a spare hour? Go to a nursing home and just play for the old folks.

This is so sweet making others happy by just a smile. Lets spread the way of life making people feel good. Thank you

Thank you for your suggestions and encouragement. It's not always easy to do what you describe, but we need to try.

A wonderful idea. Thanks for encouraging others including me.

Great idea. I do try to live my life like that as nuch as possible. These days I seldom leave the house, so I can't put into as much use as I would like.

excellent idea

what the world needs now, is love....

I do that on a regular basis` LOVE YOU!

Love and change are made of such Simplicity. A great idea, I'm going to unashamedly steal and promote in other areas. Well done, a practice I will continue and happily recommend to all.

One of the things that's probably kept me alive is my love for helping others. Every day I always try my best to make everyone happy. Although at times I stretch myself to thin doing it, I'm always happier at the end of the day when I think about the smiles on their faces :)

Lets do it!


Your right, it is nice when someone smiles at you. It costs nothing to smile, and most of us look nicer when we do.

Such a nice thought and lines, and a perfect way to recharge my mind :)

A nice thought hope everyone tries it.

Im with you girlfriend.

Good thought.

I like your Story. lets all Change the World

I will do this as much as possible I try to fallow it everyday of my lofe.

I work at a grocery store part time. My hours go quickly when I help others find things and give warm thoughts and conversation to customers and my coworkers. You are so right that we can all light the world, if we be human beings, not animals or robots.

i will give hug a girl when i will go to out, hope i will not have slap :)

I agree there needs to be more human warmth I miss my youth were people were free with their hugs

It,s been my life philosophy for a long, long time. Not quite a story but sound advice, except in the rush of life it's not always easy to do that...

If someone is missing a smile give them a genuine smile. If they look like they need a hug, damnit Hug them! Be bigger than stuff or idiology. Be A Hugger! Sneak a kiss once in a while too!

With you on this one girl. Maybe throw in that random act of kindness as well !!!

That is a brilliant idea that I believe very strongly - I hope you feel that you have been getting positive responses and the world is a better place after how others are showing that they like what you wrote! :)

I am doing it and feel happy when he/she smiles back .

I'm always have good attitude, smile to people, say thanks and please, try to make everybody have good attitude toward each other.

i will definitely try!thanks!:)..n a BIG hug to u!:)

Well I must say it is nice to see young ones doing what some of us older ones have done for years, I have lost count of the number of people I have helped but I do have four very special ones that i sat and talked to and now know they where wanting to tell some one that day they where going to end there lives and one was so special i traveled all the way from Australia to Florida USA for her wedding and we still chat all the time, God puts you in the right place at the right time

i hope you are proud of yourself, cos you should be

I am Happy to help others but proud I am not as I believe I was placed in the right place to do a job and save what was created to understand there is Love and Hope and something to look forward to not just disrespect and a place where there is no Love or hugs

Cant we just give people we dont know a smile Pina, as i dont wanna get assulted or end up under arrest as that would be a real downer.

yes, big smile and look in the eyes... or you can help carry some things to some old woman or just tell somebody: it will get better,,, if you see him/her sad

Ok today at the supermarket i helped an older lady back her car out of a parking lot where a truck had parked right next to her and she couldnt see if traffic was coming as she backed. I gave her a smile too! And i also returned to a newly opened Thai takaway an hour before lunch to order a Pork n Noodles and gave her a smile to as i swiped my eftpos card. Her eyes sparkled with happiness. A neighbour came to my caravan and offered to tidy up my site for free by pulling out a few weeds etc. I smiled and verbally thanked him too. He likes doing things like that so i showed no resistance. I smile and greet all my neighbours but i wouldnt dare hug them.

I will do my part, of loving people around me, strangers I don't think so..because my society has different norms. But, yes I will be kind and sweet, to those I meet and make them smile. I will try..from now :)

imagine this: you walk on the street and you see some really sad girl and you smile to her and hug her because you see she is devastated and after she calms down she tells you: thank you, I wanted to kill myself, but now, because of you, I am better...

hmm..where I live it is not easy. You know why? because, here people has many social and economical issues. They have lived in poverty and always mistrust other's simple gestures. Few days back, two men just shaked hands with a stranger and they drugged him and robbed him .So, people think you are trying to do that :(

Thank you for the great idea, I very well may try it. But hugs I think are not acceptable at work.

why not? make something exquisite, be special, why not?

O, I will. You talked me into it. Thank You

well someone had to ;)

hugs at work is a bit odd :)

why? who set that this way? it doesnt have to be odd.... it is all in our heads

But we are in a small office, I may not be able to do it there, but there is a bar that my wife and I go to sometime, May be I just supprise a stranger, if i don't hit to hard. but if they hug me, I'll hug them back.

good ;)

You do have a good point. Maybe we can come up with a song about your idea, and you can try it on a video if you are up to it. If i tried to sing, that would scare every one away.

yeah we could

I have had a song going though my head for some time. that I am trying to come up with. When i get closer to getting it done i'll send it to you, and see what you think of it,


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i agree with u ....least any1 can do for any1 is to give a big smile..nothing is compared to that...

imagine this.... i have almost 6000 friends here, if just half of them do this in one day, that would make 3000 people happier :)


i love this :)

thks for asking me & i'll do it :) theres no a person in my own neighborhood that i don;t say hi to or good morning & its a nice day isn;t :) >>> ask anyone who knows me :)