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Let's Change The World!

"If you want to be happy, make others happy" so let's do it. I know how you can feel more confident, happy and proud about yourself. It's easy... make others happy. Hug someone you see for the first time, smile to the sad person you see on the street, ask somebody how they REALLY are... My plan is this: hug/smile to some stranger as many times as you can in a day and then in the end of the day, come here and write the number of people you made happy that day. So are you with me? let's make the world a better place! Share this plan with as many people you can and help others, make something good and feel good about that. I promise you, you won't regret when you see smile on someone's sad face <3
Remember, everything is possible! ;)

thepianogirl thepianogirl 18-21, F 104 Responses Nov 27, 2012

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I have done many of the things that you have mentioned, open doors for elderly, give compliments to strangers-- help a customer in a store to get something off a high shelf-ect.. My son and wife recently had theyre first child, i went to tell my cousin on the phone and found out she passed away 2 weeks earlier. - what a day, i never should of called, but then i never would of found out either--love to chat with u on facebook im billMeh

I've been working on this for almost as long as you've been alive and it makes me happy to see others trying to do the same thing. My personal thing for almost 18 years is giving flowers to strangers. If I'm happy I love to share it with others and if I'm sad (rare) I give flowers to make others smile which makes me smile! You can see it here on an interview I did after someone I gave a flower to turned out to be a reporter.

wow thats amazing :D

It was cool, this week I had 24 ladies who thought of me as their Valentine's Day sweetheart after I gave roses away at a retirement home!

That's a very nice attitude If everyone was like u the world would be a better place. How did u become so thoughtful? I must admit I should be more like that, thanks for reminding me : )

Very sweet story :)

We have the same philosophy thePianogirl. It's so rewarding to see someone's face light up with a smile. Excellent story. 😃

I love the idea! Luckily, I am almost always smiling at everyone I see!!

Awwwwwwwwwwww way sweet idea I'll try it!

Sound fabulous babes, stay like that for the rest of ur life, i love that more

Forgive yourself and loving others becomes much easier. Your sentiment is divinely inspired.

My plan is help every one !

"Happiness is a habit so cultivated it". i do agree with you thepianogirl ... :)

Hey U have the right attitude and if everyone would do this, the world would be such a beautiful place.... LOVE U

You sound positive, but we live in a frivolous world, where positivity, is only a mask for the reality of misery. I wish there was more people like you though probably would change the world!! Hope you succeed.

A long time ago I would walk the streets of an eastern (US) city in my spare time, and the smiles made all the difference. Granted, it wasn't Dallas, but people like that do make the world much more liveable.

Love the plan.......I see some of that going on hear now. Complete strangers helping each other out.. I'm a victim of hurricane sandy, thank God my children and I are safe but we lost everything. A hug, a smile is such a beautiful thing............

God bless you luv,i love it and Love you God bless you in Jesusus name for holy holy holy is thou amen my name is Richard Lee Admas you have my support,,,my scfreen name on yahoo and Gmail is richbutpoorone God Bless you sister!!!!

Your story made me smile! I am glad that you are so positive now.

Dear Sir/Madam
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“We all can live better life.”
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I find that every time I make someone happy you make someone else unhappy. It's a human consequence however unfortunate.

lol hugging strangers could get you arrested, but smiling and making a nice comment is doable :]

I wear a 'Hug me' pin everyday just in case someone needs one :)

I'm a little shy, but I'll try this.

I would love to Hug you.
I do this alot already, Im known for my bear hugs...

You so kick ***! If you were my neighbor we would rule the world. Kindly, of course...

I do agree with your thoughts on changing the world my personality feels flawed when I am not assisting someone in some way. I call it pay it forward. Why does someone have to be nice to you to want to help if possible? Why must people be stuck up and snobby to strangers ? Every person I met is invaluable because I learned something from them good or bad.

Hey there. I am in. Bless you and your wonderful idea.

Great idea,I like the way you think!,it really would make the world a better place,I'm definitely in!!!.

Exactly!!! I practice this daily. I like it better being around happy people so I do whatever I can to make my space a happy place.

I like it and last week at the post office as I walked in a person was uttering abuse at one of the staff as they walked out. How rude I said to the lady who told me it was the third time that day. I finished my business and left.

I went home and wrote a letter to my friend in a refugee camp and went back to post it with a mickey mouse cap for her son. I took a very large arrangement of artificial flowers which had been given to us a few days earlier. I gave them to the lady in the post office she was so happy. It really did brighten her day.