I Am Ordinary :)

Ocean got many waves, each comes at shore and dies off. As, it recedes, takes some sand from the beach. When high tide, goes to the level up and disturbs the rocks, kiss them at night.Wake them up :))
Died, and lived in most ordinary way but together, the ocean is a mighty monster can tear you down to shambles. I maybe ordinary, but when we are all together we make a huge difference. People got power to change the leader by voting. They can contribute in pennies and create an enormous rotational budget for the most ordinary citizens.
Spreading smiles and loving othes. may sound very normal but it is extra-ordinary effort. To be nice to those you don't know and love those who matters most. Think of others, before you think of yourself.
I am ordinary and I am happy :))
Perksplayhot Perksplayhot
36-40, F
Nov 27, 2012