36 Hours Ago I Had A Brain Surgery

I don't consider I am an ordinary person... It's not an egocentric appreciation, it's more a profound gratefulness with life, God.. 36 hours ago I had a cavernoma removed from my left frontal lobe, thru a very complex craniotomy procedure. My doctor explained all the Risks involved, mostly concerning on the language part of my brain activities. But as I said before, I am not ordinary, life has given me the gift of an awakening 36 hours ago.. And now I have to have a different insight of my life, and understand and most importantly DO something to help others, even if it's just to help make the difference on just one person. My language area is safe, and therefore i want to be there for anyone that is going thru a tough moment before a brain surgery,after all i am part of the crasy ones - CaveRnomA Survivor of the Y generation... So here I am, It's not nice to read sad stuff or feel lonely... Each one of us has a story to write and no one experience is the truth for someone else, just embrace this awakening, and if you need to "talk" let me know...
CaroConsuegra CaroConsuegra
31-35, F
Nov 29, 2012