Hello, Everyone.

 Hi, My name is TRtheguy.

 To begin, I wanted to say that my true age is not 31-35. I put that age in because I don't like people getting online + trying to find out personal data about me.
 Anyway, this might be my first + only contribution to this group. The only reason for that is: I wanted to share this story, but I might just be totally content to just put in this story + not do anything else for this story or group. Sorry, It's late + I'm grumpy + dizzy right now...I'm sorry if those feelings come out in my writing.

 Also, I might just put in this story + not defend it/return comments on it, because I feel that: [religions, never having a religion + (politics)] are the MOST personal things about someone and I don't want to say to much about those 3 ideas, because I strongly dislike offending people for no good reason.

 I am somewhere over 20. I go to a christian church. I Mostly have all of my live, except for about 6 years of college. [ In college, I enjoyed staying up late + sleeping in on sundays, therefore no church for me at that time].

 Off topic, I apologise if I offend anyone who: has a religion, chose not to have a religion, or never had a religion since birth with my story. My story is here just to tell my personal story.

 Currently, I am having a hard time in life, so I can see, or at least partially see, the reasons that many people have for not believing that there is a god or diety(s) outside the physical world that looks after all people + loves all people.

I'm currently going through some issues about 1) past abusive people and 2) me dealing with anger + forgiveness issues. Those are some hard times that I deal with now.

 Right now I just want to express a belief that I have:

 It really makes me mad when christians or maybe fellow christians try to force, or persuade + force others to: follow, pray to, or worship  Jesus.

 That would go as well as someone trying to pressure me to follow a [god from a non-christian religion].

 One reason is, I don't approve of forcing people to follow Jesus.  OK, If you have kids under 17 or18 + they live with you, then I personally can see why you'd want/desire them to go to church with you. I won't say that I fully agree with that action. But after their 9th birthday, kids will decide to believe or not believe the family religion, I think.

 [ This is probably really hotdamn long, I'm sorry].

 The other reason that I don't approve of forcing or (persuading/tricking someone against their will) to follow Jesus is, that I have been taught that: people will not join Jesus in the afterlife if he or she did not follow Jesus out of their own free will. I didn't mean that to sound spooky.

 I think there is a Christian bible idea of Jesus saying: I, Jesus am always here [ for you to join/worship Jesus], If you want to join me.

 Meaning, if you want to join Jesus' religion + join him in the afterlife, that is your choice. If you decide not to join Jesus' religion + follow him, that is also your choice.
 According to the christian bibles I have read, not choosing to follow Jesus means that you can't live with him in the afterlife, but I only bring that up as a point. I don't mention that point as a way to bring up a way to force you to believe in [who gets to go and live with Jesus after death + who doesn't get to live with Jesus after death arguements].

 I'm not posting my story to argue who goes to "heaven or heck" right now.

 So that's pretty much what I wanted to say. I believe that the christian religion is mostly like any other group where the individuals in it try to help themselves or others, like: the U.S. boyscouts, or U.S. girlscouts, or 4-H clubs in the USA.

 That's all. That's pretty much my story, and that I dislike it when christian people try to force other people to join the christians, or follow Christ, if those people don't want to follow Jesus right now. And maybe they will chose not to follow Jesus in their lives. I can't force them, + I'll try to make my life free of forcing people to follow a religion as I can.

 Good Day,


TRtheguy TRtheguy
Aug 1, 2010