I Believe In Atlatis Because...

It is truly hard not to when every civilization has a story of a great flood. Humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years with the same thought capablities as ourselves. To believe that we are or in this case were incapable of astablishing communities and technologies is pure stupidity. The likely situation of "Atlantis" is that it was a once great world wide civilization with most of its major cities (same as today) along the coast lines. Making a case for a tremendous flood that would take out most of the centers of intelectually superior areas a very good likelihood The timeline that Homer gives about 12,000 years ago a good one as it is when the iceage ended. Now with that being said there are maps most well known being the Peri Reese map that shows coastlines such as Antartica (which we have not been able to accurately locate until about the past 20 years) made around the 16 hundreds from a map in a little seen middle eastern library. The map not only shows coastline but, andiginous animals thought to have gone extinct around the end of the last iceage. Also many of the maps components are topagraphical something at that time was like giving Nepoleon a blackberry. If we look into greek culture most of their great cities were built on top of old ones forming some of their mythology such as them believing that they were built by a race of gaints because they did not have the technology to move and place stones of such massive size in such percision. My theory is that the peoples who were exporting and importing goods and technologies were whiped out very fast. Leaving only few rememberances of a fraction of the technologies behind to the andigonous tribes people of the inner country. Moreover there have been litterally hundreds of sunken cities found all over the world. Let us not forget that Troy was not found until an over zellous fan of Homer armed with a copy of the Iliad searched an area that was remarkably similiar to the writings that we now know it is real. In closing it would be foolish to simply write this off as more and more evidence points to the exsistance of this forgotten place. I believe we are truly a spiecies with amnesia.
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And while I'm at it I do mean Homer as the rendition of Plato's is slightly later.