The History Of Atlantis.

This is what I was taught about Atlantis by my mentor a couple of years ago. I think that it is important that others should hear of this.

A long time ago, before history began, there was an island. Men were called to the island, drawn by dreams of great dragons dwelling upon it, calling out to them. These men made their homes in the caverns that riddled the sides of the island's solitary peak. There, the great dragons taught these men the secrets of magic. They were the first magi. When the dragons vanished from the world, a great wave swept out from the island. It brought with it the power of magic to the whole human race. Guided by the wisdom of the first magi, mankind built an empire that stretched across the whole planet, and into the land of Faerie and the Underworld. The world of men and the world of spirits were as one, and, most of all, the heavens, the very source of magic, blazed like the sun in the skies, bringing its blessings to the whole world. This grand empire, governed from the island, which now hosted a great city, was Atlantis. For countless years, Atlantis stood, with each human exploring new states of being and seeking new knowledge using the power of magic. But then, wisdom gave way to pride. Eleven of the mage-kings decided to ascend to the very heavens, and seize the power of the gods for their own. They built a great ladder, and ascended it to do battle with the gods. And they won. The Eleven, fearful that others may try to follow them, shattered the ladder behind them. They soon saw that an enlightened humanity was not one they could rule over. So they ripped the heavens away from the earth, creating an obscene void between the two. This disturbance created calamity on the world below. The world of man and the world of spirits became separated by a great veil, that man found all but impossible to cross. Almost all of mankind lost their enlightened state, and with it, the power of magic. The empire of Atlantis crumbled. The island itself was destroyed so thoroughly by the destruction of the ladder and the creation of the void that it was ripped out of space and time. When the few magi that remained looked out at this now world, they found that a darkness was in the hearts of the unenlightened masses. Their presence caused magic to crumble. Their minds could not hold memories of the beauty of mystic workings for long. Magic that seemed impossible would sometimes become twisted by the void that separated the heavens and the earth. At times, they would find someone who rediscovered the enlightened state that is how man is supposed to be. Now, magi live on the outskirts, seeking to return the world back to its proper function, so that they may atone for the hubris of the Eleven.
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Beautiful story.

I must admit, this story really gripped my attention.

Not sure. Just did.