Dear AYearWithoutRain,

My best friend,
The greatest person
Who I know.
You never turn
You back on
Me when I'm hurting.
You held me
Up and never
Let me fall
To the hard
Cold floor.
When I'm trying
To move on,
You were there
To help me
Through it.
When I'm confused
Or completely depressed,
You were there
To help or
To cheer me up.

No matter what
I do to
Return the favor,
You seem to
Not let me
Do that.
It's not you fault.
It's how Allah,
Made you.
He brought us
Together to help
Each other when
We need it
The most.
But I believe
I needed your help
More than
You needed mine.

I thank God
Each day that
I have such
An amazing friend
Like you.

I love you, my brother.
I wish you a happy long life
And a long-live friendship.
Thank you for all you did and
Going to do in the future.

One of your sisters...
YamiNoSukai YamiNoSukai
18-21, F
2 Responses May 16, 2012

Yup Ayearwithoutrain is an incredible friend :))

Omg! I really dunno what to say, that why my comment comes a little late. This is really the bestest tribute i've ever got :) I'm so happppy to have an amazing friend like you aswell. Thank you soo soo much sister ^_^ I really appreciate all this and all what you've ever done and what you're going to do for me <3 Love you too a lot sister, God bless you :D