It Is Right To Give Thanks And Praise.


Thank you, President Obama, for handling the war of removing a Dictator like Gaddafi, responsibly.   You had a PLAN (unlike your predecessor) to extract a ruthless Dictator with minimum life consequence while utlizing economic restraint.   Amazing what intelligence in the Oval Office can achieve.  A well thought out PLAN united with the UN to oust one of the most heinous Dictators who slaughtered men, women and children, his own people.

Thank you United Nations

Thank you Great Britain

Thank you France


Again, Politicians who refuse to acknowledge this great feat only disservice themselves by reflecting the fact that their own political agenda is far more important than praising their leader who successfully joined effort to remove a brual Dictator, one which not only threatened the lives and welfare of his own people but also was a threat to the lives and welfare of  people throughout the world.


Arizona Senator John McCain

Florida Senator Marco Runio

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley

Gave credit to Great Britain and France instead of the U.S. or President Obama. 

DreamWizard DreamWizard
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Oct 21, 2011