Why America Is In Trouble

Until 2001, I was a full-fledged liberal....or so I believed. When the attacks on America took place on September 11, 2001, I took a long hard look at what being liberal really meant. It wasn't me, after all. I heard George W. Bush give his speech at the site of Ground Zero in NYC, and he truly moved me. I felt such a rush of pride over my country, as I never really had before. Truth is, no fewer than four generation of my family, maternal and paternal, fought for this nation. I always loved America. But I didn't become a patriot until that day in September when I realized that what I was is Republican. What I am is conservative. So now, when I recall the fact that my grandfather fought at the Battle of the Bulge, WWII, and my dad enlisted in the Army during Vietnam, as a teenager, it all suddenly makes sense to me. I met my husband in 2002, and he enlisted just after our marriage (August 2004), on October 2, 2004. He's now honorably discharged after three year long Iraq deployments in his six year enlistment in active duty.

I say that to say this: I am afraid. The United States of America of this very moment is no longer the nation that my grandfather, my father, and even my husband, fought for. It no longer exists. A president who promised so much in 2008 has delivered so little, and has caused such a division that it is nearly impossible for a conservative and a liberal to have a conversation that doesn't result in complete anger and ugly words. Whether or not Barack Obama is "nice" is completely irrelevant. In many places today, veteran unemployment tops 30%, particularly for combat veterans, like my husband. He has gone back to college, through the GI Bill that he earned. I am back in college, too, as I spent our years in the Army as a stay at home mom and wife. No one will hire me. There is a seething current of frustration here now. There is fear, anger, and bewilderment. HOW did he get re-elected? Do so few people care about America anymore? And my honest belief is that the candidacy of Herman Cain was deliberately derailed by liberals because they realized that if a black man won the Republican nomination, no longer could they accuse the right of being "racist" against Obama. Sound paranoid? It's not. Think about it.

So now, one of the most incompetent presidents in history has been re-elected. Immediately following this news, layoffs started and stocks plummeted. Industry knows what this means. We could get two Supreme Court nominations during Obama's next term...meaning a definite and dangerous left hand lean in our highest court. I don't know about you, but me...I'm not going down without a fight. I will stand and do what it takes to protect my rights. I am utterly astonished, too, by the fact that when Obama called on our brave Navy SEALS, THEY went in and killed bin Laden, NOT Obama. Yet.....Benghazi....what to say? Former Navy SEALS asked our president for help....none came. They died. Obama, having UV surveillance and other monitoring of the situation, LIVE, watched this happen. Then got on a plane and flew to Vegas. This makes no sense. Likewise, Obama declared executive privilege concering information and documentation on Operation Fast and Furious....the botched operation that directly resulted in several deaths, including the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. How does anyone re-elect a president like this? Eric Holder is the head of the Dept of Justice....Eric Holder is Barack Obama's friend....Barack Obama declared executive privilege so his friend would be protected from the ire of the American people....and of course, this also prevented all of us for seeing how deep Obama was involved in this operation as well.

Republicans are not racist. We also do not only care about the rich. I am not rich....far far from it. But these last several years, we've lost everything, had to start over. I do not know even one single person who is better off as a result of this Obama presidency. The blame game is utter nonsense at this point. You cannot say Obama "inherited" a mess from George W. Bush. In fact, Obama actively asked and campaigned for that "mess," saying he could fix it. He didn't. He doesn't deserve another chance. Ask the family of Ambassador Christopher Stevens if O deserves another four years. Ask the family of Brian Terry and those former Navy Seals....Mitt Romney may not be perfect, and never claimed to be...but he has the experience as a leader, as a businessman, and as someone who handles money very well to put us back on the track to economic recovery and job creation. Now....that potential has been ruled out, and instead, we find ourselves on the same path that will end up leading to yet another downgrade of the credit standing of America.....more little bits of us that China will own.....Obama's campaign slogan this go 'round was "FORWARD".....and yes, he'll move us forward.....right over the side of a cliff. America deserves better.
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The attacks on our country did not come out of the blue. They were in fact a response to America's aggression in the mid-east namely our attempts to defeat the Russians in their war in Afganastan. We armed and trained the locals for the specific purpose of stopping the Russian invasion. More specific information as to our part in that war I suggest reading the book called Charles Wilsons war you will find a detailed account of Americas covert activities through the CIA. Facts do help.