Planet's smartest human foiled again!

In last week’s episode, we heard Obama say: “Oui . .. oui, Pierre. As President of ze United States, famed Nobel Peace Prize winnair, and the planet's smartest life form - I am fully empowered to sign zis Paris Climate Change Agreement without any interference by other branches of ze US government!”

Um, not so fast, sez the US Supreme Court. We actually have to allow the legal cases against summarily shutting down licensed power plants to be heard in a court of law. The president can’t just order the closure of hundreds of business, and the loss of millions of jobs, in order to strut jauntily on the world stage.

I can imagine Obama cursing vehemently in the Lincoln Bedroom, right now. ‘Dammit, Michelle. I’ve had up to here with that Supreme Court. I should have just dissolved them right at the start, like Venezuela did. And Congress too. Laws written 200 years ago shouldn’t be allowed to stand in the way of progress. I know best!”

For their part, both India and China say that if the US commitment to climate change comes into question, they’re backing out too.

Good to know, sooner rather than later. India and China are two of the most hellish, polluted places on earth, and nobody really believed they were going to keep their part of the bargain based on a piece of paper.

If rogue governments want their people to swim in their own garbage or choke on factory emissions - simply out of spite towards the USA - who are WE to stop them?

Now we can get back to uncovering why the US “pristine site” temperature stations – located away from urban centers, and immune for NASA “data smoothing” - haven’t shown any temperature rise in 18 years, eh?
Honey82bunny Honey82bunny
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Feb 11, 2016