Our President And Constitutional Scholar

Our fearless leader is absolutely amazing! I think I love him more and more each day.  I have to admire the brazen bravery it takes for a constitutional scholar to stand and say, “So after they drove the car into the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want the keys back. (Laughter.) No! (Laughter and applause.) You can’t drive! (Applause.) We don’t want to have to go back into the ditch! We just got the car out! (Applause.) We just got the car out!” 

Really it is amazing nerve to be the President of the United States and know that you can look the American people in the eye and lie to them with the knowledge that a complicit media will either be so ignorant of the constitution or so lock step with your agenda that they won't challenge you! 

Remember the prosperity of the 80's when Reagan lead and convinced the congress into accepting his plans?  Remember the prosperity of the 90's? Things really got hot after the Republicans took control of the House (constitutional purse strings) in 1995. By 1998 we had budget surpluses and our economy was on fire. By 2001, a natural down swing began and just as the constitution allowed, the leader, Bush asked the Congress to follow his agenda and create a business friendly environment using tax breaks and tax cuts. We managed to keep our economy sailing even though we had 2 wars and natural disasters to set us back. By 2004, the climate in our country was changing. Folks against the wars were disgruntled and began roaring for change. Americans weren't worried about a glowing economy and allowed the DEMS to take the house. By 2006 the DEMS had both houses and Barney Frank and company held the purse strings. They had some marvelous ideas … ratcheting up spending for their pet projects and forcing Fanny and Freddy to make loans to folks who had no means of paying for the money. In 2008, gas prices nearly tripled in a 4 month span and all of us were tapped out of cash... the poor most completely. The housing crisis exploded and we brought President Obama in to save our world. Just what was he able to convince his Congress to do? 

Well, the first thing he did was make sure the folks that borrowed money they could never repay were helped out by those of us who could never afford to borrow the money in the first place. (I am a tax payer but wasn't dumb enough to be seduced by the loan offers of the time) Then, he found a way to force Health Care on us … which folks... read it and find out... raises the cost of health care for folks that pay for it. (me again!) Now, he's going to destroy domestic oil production and put all those folks out of work so that he can get his Congress to pass the Cap and Tax scam! 

Folks, the Republicans aren't much better drivers than the DEMS – but let me say this – when your constitutional scholar president stands in front of you and smiles as he purposely misleads you – PLEASE don't let him get away with it! The Republicans drive poorly, but the DEMS are the ones who put the car in the ditch and the DEMS are the ones who maxed out the American Tax Payer Credit Card trying to fix the wreck with patch work parts that are going to fall off as soon as we get a few miles down the road. SHAME on you Mr. President and shame on all of us for being so ignorant that we would allow him to speak falsely without challenge.
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LilAnnie, as moderator, I had to delete your comment in order to ensure you didn't appear to be missing any aphrodisiacs. If you would choose to debate this point, please stick to facts and do not change the sequence of historical events in order to create support for an economic system that was not in place in our nation during the timeline of this event. I admit that if we follow the direction of our current leader, your economic theory will be true, but since we are dealing here with the facts of history; rearranging events is illogical. I wish you the best personally and hope you find yourself happy in a home where the government is the engine of economic growth and stability, but I will do what I can to make sure that home isn’t the USA.<br />
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I am not a hack and have studied economics and politics for many decades. I am willing to listen to a <strong>rational</strong> argument that opposes my opinion, but will <strong>not allow Alinsky methods</strong> to pollute a civil discussion. It is emotion based rather than fact based attacks that have driven our nation to the point that we can't discuss our problems and therefore are forced to insanely hurtle forward with massive deficits caused by the overspending of everyone in Washington. If you would chose to stay in this discussion you are welcome – by the rules of proper debate – otherwise I will block you from further comments and prove I am a true Libertarian by shedding 0 tears at the loss of your intellectual contributions now and in the future.

Yes, how long until we cannot eat potato chips, eat pizza, drink soda, watch whatever television programs we want, go to the stores we want, talk about Jesus in church, etc. Sounds extreme now but not allowing smoking in bars sounded extreme twenty years ago and not allowing children to have chocolate milk in preschool or potatoes on school lunches sounded extreme four years ago. The avalanche has started.

I would be honored and pleased. Due to my place in my community, I'm not allowed to be outspoken regarding anything political and due to my nature (escape) online my political insight is drowned by my... other interests. So I would thank you for picking up the torch on this and any other point.

So true RicknKim! One good thing about Obama ... he isn't John McCain! We really did need a shake up to wake up and I sincerely believe <strong>that</strong> is the greatest blessing the most most wildly liberal, "I know better than you, so even though you say it isn't the change you want... I’m going to lead us there" president we've known in our lifetimes. <br />
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At least when Bush lead us to wars... he initially had the support of the people and the legal consent of the Congress... it would behoove us to remember these facts as this president runs off the oil rigs after the court and people said... please don't.

People like us who fully exercise our freedoms would be fools to be in favor of more government control in our lives. Most people would agree that having one's options limited by someone in a position of authority over us is the opposite of freedom. However, many of these same people consistently vote for politicians who consistently vote for increased government size, scope and power. Far too many times, the politician people choose is determined by factors that have nothing to do with their voting record. Because this decrease in freedom is so gradual and any one person's vote seems so inconsequential, far too many people do not take their vote seriously enough.<br />
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"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." -- Thomas Jefferson<br />
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Very few Republicans and apparently no Democrats vote consistently to limit the power and influence of the federal government. Fewer still vote this way after a few terms in office. Our only hope for reversing this trend thereby saving our freedoms would be for the people to educate themselves and vote accordingly. During the Bush years, few people seemed to notice the increase in government control. It seems that far more people are noticing it now that Obama has dramatically accerated this trend. I'm hoping that Obama has wakened enough people to save us before it's too late.

You have hit the nail on the head hammerhead!!

We need one of those driver education cars with the steering wheel and the brake on the front passenger side in case of emergency! We are heading quickly to that emergency and no matter what we say, the driver is ignoring us. Hit the brakes!!!!!<br />
What is so sad is that while you are preaching to the choir for some and will get "amen", others will come back and attack you, not your words, and try to discredit you instead of debating with facts. You know the debate technique that is about to go down. Hopefully, those in the middle will heed the wisdom of your words and see him for who he truly is and the situation for what it truly is.

Feel free to plagiarize me! Due to the intensely sexual nature of my profile – I am not a good representative of rational thought. Folks seem to think that perverts can't grasp the political sciences and that folks like me deserve to be held under the boot of the more authoritarian government Obama and his crew are seeking... so this is the only place I know to post my point.