The Left Is Never Right!

Stimulus Package 2009 popularity: 42% in favor. Many folks saw this package as a bloated with non stimulus extras. President Obama knows best and got it through. 

Health Care popularity never reached 50% and was nearer to 40% when Congress played the weirdest sword fall I've ever seen in my years of following politics. The battle was ugly and folks knew that the plan had no intention of providing care for the 30 million uninsured. (it doesn't anyway). It was simply a scheme to launch the first step toward Obama's single payer dream. President Obama knows best and got it through.

Arizona passes a watered down version of a Federal Law and 60% of the American people think it's fine. Obama takes them to court for creating their own laws on Federal Issues... Not fine by me, but if you're going to play that game – San Francisco and Denver have been “sanctuary cities” with their own laws in actual opposition to federal law. Go get them Obama - you know best!

Now, the people most effected by the oil spill are screaming … “DUDE you're killing us with your moratorium. Please don't do this … we know our land and our economy and we're begging you not to kill us...” But Obama knows best and folks on the Gulf Coast, you will lose the oil industry because all along we've been telling you that this president won't listen and will follow his Messianic agenda to transform America into a land he dreams of.

A land where the rich are punished for having more than the poor (Cap and Tax is designed just for that) A land where the poor are punished for working too hard … Unemployment Extensions are handy... to a point! But please dear god Obama, will you arrange a business friendly system to encourage new jobs?

He stood up and told us that our border has never been so secure... anyone remember daily kidnappings and drug cartels shooting at border guards a few years ago? Yet, he is unchallenged.

He stood up and said his stimulus plan saved America – do you feel saved?  (Ever heard the government discuss "jobs saved" or created before?)  BTW jobs saved is code language for borrowing money to keep government postions open - none of the mythical jobs saved were private sector jobs.  And apparently most of the jobs created were government jobs created with money borrowed from your grandchildren so that this President could appear to be on the ball!

He stood up and said he wouldn't increase taxes … besides the increased prices on medical technologies from higher taxation of that industry, any of you feel like the extra 50-100 bucks that your paycheck will be missing next January really isn't a tax increase like our Speaker of the House chides us for feeling?

He stood up and told us that the R's wrecked the car and want the keys back. LOL Barney Frank and his cronies wrecked the damn car and if American's don't understand that – we deserve to let them wreck it some more.

We have to do what we can to restore the Constitutional equality of the 3 branches. Allowing a President to mock the Supreme Court in public (State of the Union). Defy a State's basic right to survive and force Congress to fall on its sword to move an unpopular agenda isn't just an affront to this great nation – it's a real danger! November is coming and I don't believe the R's are much better than the D's … but folks – we've got to get out and work our way passed the militant voter intimation maniacs (yes, when they threaten you...the Feds will give them a pass) and change both houses of the powerless Congress. 13,000,000,000,000 is EMERGENCY territory folks and if we want to save our great nation, we must do it now.

No D shall hold their seat in November and if the idiot R's don't get the message and can't put America back on the right track in the 2 years before 2012 – then America is damned and tyranny will prevail.  Let that mantra fill the land and maybe it isn't too late to save a once great nation from the inevitable disgrace of the Soviets and Europe.
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:) And to add to your insanity Sgt ... Fox is blasted by the President and everyone else as leaning too far to the right! LOL ... yep! They lean right and their audience numbers blow everyone out of the water... could it be that the middle realizes they can better glean the truth from right wing media than left wing?<br />
<br />
Seriously on the Waxman issue! LOL he doesn't even <strong>try</strong> to live in his district and they keep voting him back!

But don't worry you progressive plotters... The R's will win in November and folks like me will go back to sleep. Your tentacles will continue to spread. Health Care will not be repealed ... just reformed and single payer will result. Your socialist utipia with happy folks working their fingers to the bone for an equal share of the pie as the guy next to them who is texting his sweetheart all day is only a few decades away.<br />
<br />
Or will you put a gun to <strong>both</strong> of our heads and the heads of every American and force us to slave for the state with equal effort all around... <strong>equal share for equal effort</strong>? hmmm... no... that would be capitalism... and capitalism is evil!

Never - and I'm sorry Sgt, but I’m not talking about suffering from hard times. Have you read the writings associated with the people pressing for these changes? They are insane! That guy ranting in Philadelphia was simply taking the thoughts of Progressive Leaders and transferring them to his racist agenda. The Trail of Tears from American history is what these people actually <strong>say</strong> must be done to transform our society. They sit securely believing that Americans won't read their instruction manuals and won't believe reports of the nature I just gave. It is one of the most amazingly brazen ploys beyond imagination. Nazi Germany took their cue and procedures straight out of the American playbook that our modern progressives are continuing in a more methodical and subversive way. It's just that the Nazi's got sidetracked by racial hatred and a leader that wanted to conquer the world before they were ready. The snakes behind our leaders are far more intelligent and far more careful... And now - I'm a conspiracy theorist! LOL Gotta love Obama - without him - I'd have stayed asleep and chosen to believe the things I was annoyed about and issues that concerned me were just part of a nation adjusting to the new global economy.

Excellent post. That pretty much sums it up.

The saddest thing about the coming tyranny is that it is the poor and those in need that will suffer the most (as they have throughout history). They will die by the <strong>millions</strong>. Personally, my family and I will flourish in a tyrannical system... yet all along those that would usher in this tyranny degrade my opinions and claim that I am selfish and cruel! A rather nice joke that I typically would enjoy – if it weren't about such a dire situation.