The Left Is Always Right

Since all Married2bf has to offer is "polls say we don't agree"
Polls at the time say there IS WMD in Iraq.
POLLS at the time said that Ronald Reagan could NEVER win election. get it, idiot.
bitlord bitlord
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No smilingfaces, I won't. I sent you a whiteboard with a bare outline. If you read it you'll see why that wound is too recent and painful to share here in the hyena pack.

Would love to read a story about her---have you posted any anywhere? Do you plan to? Let me know.

I am so sorry to hear that. I know that it has been a rough road for you during and since that time. My condolences for your loss. Do you have children? Sometimes that makes it easier, sometimes harder. Again, I am very sorry for your loss--- I am sure that she was very special.

Can't do the sex thing smilingfaces.<br />
My nancy died 2 months ago. On her birthday. Under my hands. As I did CPR (badly, they don't teach you about the "panic as they turn blue" thing in Red Cross School).<br />
At least it was quick.

Are you saying you want more sex? That was LilAnnie who said you seem hostile, but take a deep breath, have some good sex and kick back with some wine and a cigar. I bet you will be cute in no time too!!! Life is short, enjoy it! And enjoy your evening!

smilingfaces, I am hostile.<br />
" If you aren't outraged, you haven't been paying attention" is kind of my motto ever since the impeachment for far less sex and lying than Reagan did in his time in office running the most corrupt admin ever.

But I see all is well! Happy faces all around!

Bitlord, I understand how it feels when you are blocked from answering charges about Obama. I've also posted a story here to address a subject that had been raised when I had been banned from participating. So I understand the impulse.<br />
<br />
But you do bring a hot wave of hositility with you wherever you go. I don't think that is necessary and definitely obscures the reason behind your case for Obama.

lol, thank you bitlord, you have actually made my night!! Big smiles!!! I hope that you enjoy your night too!

Ok, O.K. you win. He gets to be called married2bf no matter how ugly his posting.<br />
<br />
Because his wife loves him so much.<br />
<br />
It was SO good to be loved. I envy him.<br />
<br />
Even if his politics ARE Neanderthal.

how about filthy cute?????

cute filth?

If he's so decent, why does he call valid political positions and the person who shows them to the crowd "Filth"?<br />
Sorry, I'm never going to agree with you there. He is what he says, and he deserved the name he spewed...FILTH henceforward.<br />
I do again apologize to you, as I said, I thought he was lying.

no, he calls me his best friend, although I admit that the first time I saw it I thought boyfriend initially and then realized it meant best friend. Our daughters talk about their "bf"'s and mean best friend so evidently it has a dual meaning. Apology accepted and appreciated but we must agree to disagree because he is actually a wonderful man who is quite intelligent, sexy, and charming and is not filth or filthy, and he happens to have good taste!! I know you do not agree with our conservative way of thinking, but can we agree that he is kind of cute!!!!!!

I appear to owe you an apology Smilingfaces.<br />
<br />
But, if you check his posts, the term "Filth" was his. That is why he will wear it from now on. Though instead of married to it, he just IS it.<br />
<br />
Tell filth I apologize for smearing YOU with HIS epithet.<br />
Because, you know, his potty mouth comes with consequences, the gutless troll!!!<br />
<br />
So he calls you his boyfriend?<br />
Hmmm.<br />
O.K., that's weird.<br />
<br />
Whatever floats your boat.<br />
<br />
From now on, he's just filth, O.K.?

Yes, I am his wife and his BEST friend. What were you thinking? Oh, that's right, you don't. Keep up the potty mouth of a four year old, it adds to your intellect by five years. I speak only in insults here because that seems to be the only way you converse. Maybe you find happiness in anger and hate but I do not and feel this whole conversation is contemptible so when you have something of worth to say, let us know, but until then, goodbye and enjoy your hate and anger without me.

Hey, married2filth, I remind you that FILTH WAS YOUR CHOICE OF WORD! so deal with it.<br />
Now, to move on, it is I who brings the facts about you and your beloved Teagaggers, and you bring NOTHING, not even honest POLLS!!<br />
To remind you once again married2filth, YOU ARE CONTEMPTIBLE, bringing unsupported and unsupportable lies, ignoring the facts (Like the Highly successful Socialist States of Germany, Sweden, Norway and, to lesser extent, France, while LYING ABOUT THE CAUSE OF THE CRASH) and bringing NON-facts like your ignorant freaking polls,pretty solidly places you in the HATE RANTER crowd.<br />
Now sit down and STFU!!!<br />
You might learn something.<br />
<br />
Oh,btw, Married2filth, your 'bf' is your wife? Can you say you LIED about who you are?

Wow. An angry group here.

You are so hateful and disgusting. You would speak of cowards and then from the comfort of your computer chair, unable to defend your lies and worthless point of view, you would denigrate my wife since foul mouthed foolishness is the maximum of your abilities when attempting to diminish her contributions to thought! Nothing you say now and nothing you ever say is worth my time or thoughts. Blather on you simpering fool and hoist yourself in the belief that you have a clue. As I’ve said many times – every time you open your mouth, another D gets fed up and either leaves politics or moves to R. Your contributions to the republican effort make mine seem feeble. You post links to your facts in the hopes that people will be tricked into believing your facts are true and bloviate to those who would be too lazy and ignorant to fact check. That’s exactly what a stereotypical democrat is … too lazy and stupid to do their own research. Fact check any bitlord story and you’ll see the disingenuous BS... then gleefully admit you enjoy being a pathetic moron and join with him in his quest to spew hatred and disgust in our great land!

Ah, yes, intellect. As in "FACTS": and "LINKS TO FACTS"<br />
now, which one of us never posts links to facts?<br />
Hmm?<br />
Smiliingmoron, you and married2filth are real partners in stupid.<br />
<br />
As in, claiming victory for the Teagaggers when they can't even figure out how much racism to allow their bosses to speak, how much more stupid could married2filth possibly be?

In order for married to battle intellectually with you, you would have to have intellect and you have yet to show that to ANY of us. True knights do not do battle with ignorant little children who depend on name calling to prove their points. Sweet adieu, lonely bitlord.

So, you ADMIT you are too cowardly to do battle intellectually Married?<br />
Yes, filth is a word you are MOST familiar with.<br />
<br />
Now, open your posts or accept your defeat!<br />
<br />
Oh, and polls are not proof of fact, only proof of perception.<br />
<br />
<br />
Yes, a new name! SHe's MARRIED2FILTH!!

I had no idea angry mean people where on this site. :(

Yes sir. I get it. The shame is that you don't. Wrap your mind around the entire context of a story instead of allowing your fuming anger to pinpoint your vision. Do you realize that you just spent all day spamming a group that you don't agree with. I believe that is a good picture of you in a nutshell. I don't mind your mentioning me by name - as you don't mind the reverse ... but for future reference, others may not be so generous with you and you are in violation of EP's conduct. <br />
<br />
I have blocked you so that you can not spew your hatred into my life unless I choose to allow it (as I have here... by reading your work and choosing to interact) Someday, when you grow up and act like a man - we won't need the protection of EP's blocking system and you will spew vigorous debate without hate. When i see that, you will have the honor of speaking with me in an unrestricted manner.